Chapter 18.90


18.90.010    Title.

18.90.020    Application.

18.90.030    Purpose.

18.90.040    Authority.

18.90.050    Limitations on uses.

18.90.060    Permissible floor area.

18.90.070    Height.

18.90.080    Required open spaces.

18.90.010 Title.

This chapter shall be entitled “N-C Neighborhood Commercial Zone.” [Ord. 1591 § 229, 2014.]

18.90.020 Application.

This chapter shall apply to all areas zoned N-C Neighborhood Commercial. [Ord. 1591 § 230, 2014.]

18.90.030 Purpose.

The purpose of this zone and its application is to provide for the location of and grouping of uses which are considered compatible uses having common performance standards in that they represent on-premises retail enterprises and involve only incidental and limited fabrication or assembly of commodities, or comprise a type of enterprise dispensing commodities, or providing professional services, or providing personal services to the individual. These services are intended to provide local facilities to serve the everyday needs of the neighborhood area. To meet this need will require that the facilities permitted in this zone shall locate adjacent to residential areas on access streets directly serving such residential areas. By establishing limitations upon building height and floor space as set forth in this zone, it is the further objective to maintain a limited intensity of land use compatible with serving the neighborhood residential areas, rather than on a community-wide basis. A further purpose of this zone and its application is to permit the more efficient and economical design and installation of all physical public service facilities in terms of size and capacity to adequately and permanently meet needs resulting from a defined intensity of land use. Public utility installations, being governed by circumstances related to geographical area to be served, are also permitted in this zone. [Ord. 1591 § 231, 2014.]

18.90.040 Authority.

This chapter is adopted pursuant to the provisions of chapters 35.63, 35A.63 and 36.70A RCW and other applicable laws. [Ord. 1591 § 232, 2014.]

18.90.050 Limitations on uses.

Every use locating in an N-C Zone shall be subject to the following further conditions and limitations:

(1) All uses shall be conducted wholly within an entirely enclosed building except:

(a) Public utility installations;

(b) Growing stock in connection with horticultural nurseries, whether the stock is in open ground, pots, or containers;

(c) Moorages for private pleasure craft;

(d) Parking and loading areas;

(e) Public off-street parking lots;

(2) Any areas used as set forth in subsection (1) of this section, except horticultural nurseries, moorages, and public utility installations, shall be improved and maintained as required for off-street parking areas;

(3) All products made incident to a permitted use which are manufactured, processed, or treated on the premises shall be sold on the premises only and at retail only, and not more than three persons may be employed in the manufacturing, processing, or treatment of products, except that this limitation shall not apply to restaurants;

(4) No used or secondhand articles, materials, or equipment unless accessory to the primary activity may be sold, offered for sale, or stored on the premises except paintings, objects of art, or antiques as defined in this Title;

(5) Storage shall be limited to accessory storage of commodities sold at retail on the premises or materials used in the limited fabrication of commodities sold at retail on the premises;

(6) All operations conducted on the premises shall not be objectionable beyond the property boundary lines by reason of noise, steam, odor, fumes, gases, smoke, vibration, hazard, or other causes, and any use which produces odor, fumes (toxic or nontoxic), gases, airborne solids, or other atmospheric contaminants shall be allowed to locate only if conforming in every respect to the rules and regulations established by an applicable and qualified public agency;

(7) If a building site has a boundary line which is a common line with residential property, a wall or view-obscuring fence or hedge not less than five feet nor more than six feet in height shall be installed and maintained for screening purposes and controlling access. Where the wall of a building is on such common property line, no separate wall or fence need be installed along that portion of the common property line occupied by the wall of the building. Public utility installations need not fence along such lines; provided, the conditions set forth in Table 18.52.010A, Limitation [8], are maintained adjacent to common boundaries with residential property; [Ord. 1591 § 233, 2014.]

18.90.060 Permissible floor area.

The maximum permitted floor area to be contained in all buildings on a lot or site in an N-C Zone shall not exceed the square foot area of the lot or site upon which the building or buildings are located. [Ord. 1591 § 234, 2014.]

18.90.070 Height.

In an N-C Zone no building or structure shall exceed a height of 35 feet. [Ord. 1591 § 235, 2014.]

18.90.080 Required open spaces.

Additional open spaces, both as to amount and location on the premises, may be required in connection with a variance or planned unit development to apply the established requirements of this and related codes pertaining to such subjects as off-street parking, loading areas, convenient and safe circulation of vehicles and pedestrians, ingress and egress as related to marginal traffic pattern, vision clearance (traffic), drainage, and lighting. [Ord. 1591 § 236, 2014.]