Chapter 3.56


3.56.010    Assessment of access fee authorized.

3.56.020    Establishment of access fee.

3.56.030    Contracting authority.

3.56.040    Fee collection.

3.56.010 Assessment of access fee authorized.

The Douglas County clerk is hereby authorized to assess fees for online access to electronic Douglas County superior court records; provided, that the clerk may not assess access fees on courts of limited or general jurisdiction and on local government agencies and departments performing official duties. (Ord. CE 18-01-28 (part))

3.56.020 Establishment of access fee.

The Douglas County clerk shall establish access fees based upon a financial analysis of the costs of providing online access to electronic superior court records and operating, maintaining and enhancing online access. The clerk may adjust access fees annually to reflect changes in costs. At least twenty-one days prior to implementing or modifying access fees, the clerk shall give public notice of the intended action by posting notice at the clerk’s information counter, posting notice on the clerk’s web page, providing notice to the president of the Chelan-Douglas Bar Association, and providing notice to each current subscriber. Notice shall include:

A.    The proposed action regarding access fees;

B.    A copy of the clerk’s policy, with proposed changes;

C.    Reference to the authority under which fees are proposed; and

D.    How to submit written comments to the clerk. (Ord. CE 18-01-28 (part))

3.56.030 Contracting authority.

The Douglas County clerk is hereby granted contracting authority to approve and sign agreements for online access to electronic superior court records using written agreement forms approved by the prosecuting attorney. (Ord. CE 18-01-28 (part))

3.56.040 Fee collection.

The Douglas County clerk shall adopt appropriate procedures for collection of access fees. (Ord. CE 18-01-28 (part))