Title 12


Division I. General Provisions

12.04    Road Naming and Property Addressing

12.08    Arterial Road and Street Classification System

12.12    Primitive Roads

12.16    Right-of-Way Acquisition

12.20    Accommodation of Utilities on Road Rights-of-Way

12.24    Approaches to County Roads

12.28    Road Use Restrictions

12.32    Unauthorized Use and Obstruction of County Rights-of-Way

12.36    Compensation for Road Vacation

12.40    Road Closures During Fire Hazard Conditions

12.45    Road Assessment Reimbursement Areas

Division II. Road Standards

12.50    Road Standard General Information

12.51    County Road Classification

12.52    Design Criteria for Roads and Streets

12.53    Driveways, Access Easement, Pedestrian Facilities, Walks and Trails

12.54    Bridges and Drainage Structures

12.55    Construction Plans

12.56    Construction Control and Inspection

12.57    Roadside Features

12.58    Primitive Roads—Unopened County Right-of-Way