Chapter 15.24


15.24.010    Aboveground storage of flammable liquids.

15.24.020    Fire extinguisher requirements.

15.24.030    Fire apparatus access.

15.24.040    Marijuana processor extraction—Hazardous materials permits.

*    Prior history: Prior code Sections 14.16 and 14.18 as amended by Ord. dated 1/23/84.

15.24.010 Aboveground storage of flammable liquids.

The storage of IFC class I (flammable) and class II (combustible) liquids in aboveground tanks outside of buildings may be permitted in approved storage facilities. Pursuant to NFPA Standard 30 as adopted in the International Fire Code, protected aboveground tanks shall be listed and shall meet the requirements specified in Underwriters Laboratory Standard 2085 and shall be labeled accordingly. (Ord. TLS 13-04-21B Exh. A (part): Res. TLS 04-41 Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 01-02-06B Exh. A (part))

15.24.020 Fire extinguisher requirements.

Fire extinguishers shall be maintained in an operative condition in accordance with the International Fire Code. (Res. TLS 04-41 Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 01-02-06B Exh. A (part))

15.24.030 Fire apparatus access.

Fire apparatus access roads, when required, shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with Chapter 5 of the International Fire Code, including the following requirements:

1.    Minimum thirty foot wide easement;

2.    Minimum twenty foot wide improved all-weather surface;

3.    Minimum turning radius of fifty feet;

4.    Maximum grade of twelve percent for ACP surface; ten percent for gravel surface; and

5.    Maintenance of private access roads shall be the sole responsibility of the owner(s) and is not the responsibility of Douglas County.

(Ord. TLS 07-04-30B Exh. B (part): Res. TLS 04-41 Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 04-02-30B Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 01-02-06B Exh. A (part))

15.24.040 Marijuana processor extraction—Hazardous materials permits.

A.    Annual hazardous material operational permits are required when the quantity of material in storage or use for marijuana production and/or processing meets or exceeds the amounts shown in the following table:



LP gases (propane, butane, isobutane, etc.)

Any amount

Flammable liquids

5 gallons

Simple inert gas (carbon dioxide)

6,000 cubic feet or 686 gallons

B.    Permits shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance, provided the fire marshal has inspected and approved the provisions for storage and use. Permits may be renewed through the application and approval for a new, annual permit, and inspection and approval by the fire marshal. (Ord. TLS 14-12-61B Exh. A)