Chapter 18.14


18.14.010    Districts established—Dating of map—Copy on file.

18.14.020    Interpretation of zoning maps.

18.14.030    District boundaries—Adjustment.

18.14.040    Areas not specifically shown.

18.14.010 Districts established—Dating of map—Copy on file.

The location and boundaries of the districts designated in DCC Chapter 18.12 are established as shown on the series of maps entitled “Zoning Map of Douglas County.” The zoning map shall be dated with the effective date of the enacting ordinance, codified in this chapter, or any amendment thereto, and signed by the chairman of the board of commissioners, and the chair and executive secretary of the planning commission. The signed copy of the zoning map shall be maintained on file with the county auditor and is made a part of this title. (Ord. TLS 03-01-01B Exh. B (part): Ord. TLS 00-05-38 Exh. B (part); Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. F (part))

18.14.020 Interpretation of zoning maps.

Where uncertainties exist as to the location of any district boundaries, the following rules of interpretation shall apply:

A.    Where boundaries are indicated as paralleling the approximate centerline of the road right-of-way, the zone shall extend to each adjacent boundary of the right-of-way centerline.

B.    Where boundaries are indicated as approximately following lot lines, the actual lot lines shall be considered the boundaries.

C.    Where boundaries or portions thereof are indicated as following municipal/corporation lines, topography or natural boundary lines, lines of ordinary high water, or government meander line, the lines shall be considered to be the actual boundaries. If these lines shall change the district boundaries shall change correspondingly.

D.    Where a zoning district line purposely divides a land parcel, such parcel shall be subject to the procedures and requirements of the respective districts as applied.

E.    If none of the rules of interpretation described in subsections A through D of this section apply, then the zoning boundary shall be determined by map scaling. (Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. F (part))

18.14.030 District boundaries—Adjustment.

Where a district boundary divides a parcel of land under single ownership into two or more districts, the entire parcel shall be classified for the less restrictive use by the administrative adjustment of the boundaries by the director; provided, that the administrative adjustment is a distance of less than twenty feet. If the adjustment involves a distance greater than twenty feet, the procedure for a district reclassification shall be followed. (Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. F (part))

18.14.040 Areas not specifically shown.

All areas not specifically shown on a zoning map as a part of a zoning district shall be deemed to be classified in the district most appropriate to the land use designation of the comprehensive plan. (Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. F (part))