Chapter 18.72


18.72.010    Intent.

18.72.020    Administration.

18.72.030    Designated master planned development overlay districts.

18.72.040    Master planned development application requirements.

18.72.050    Development standards.

18.72.060    Master plan revisions.

18.72.070    Development agreement(s).

18.72.010 Intent.

It is the intent of the county to promote the preparation of master plans to guide the future use and development of parcels within master planned development overlay districts. These master plans shall establish the type and intensity of uses that may be permitted in these areas; provided, that they are compatible with the intent of the underlying zoning and/or the provisions of the comprehensive plan or approved sub-area plans. Subsequent site-specific development proposals shall be reviewed and approved in accordance with the provisions of approved master plans, supporting environmental documents, and the terms of development agreements between the property owners and the county. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))

18.72.020 Administration.

A.    Master plans for properties located within the master planned development overlay district shall be processed by the county through the legislative review process specified in DCC Title 14 unless otherwise specified by the director.

B.    Permitted uses on parcels within the master plan overlay district shall be consistent with a master plan approved by the county. The director is authorized to determine whether a proposed use is permitted in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and the approved master plan.

C.    All decisions of the director regarding interpretations of this chapter, including but not limited to alternative provisions for processing master plans, permitted uses, and/or applicable development standards, must be in writing and may be appealed as specified in DCC Chapter 14.12. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))

18.72.030 Designated master planned development overlay districts.

The following areas have been designated and shall be depicted on maps prepared by the county as master planned development overlay districts.

•    Pangborn Industrial Service Area.

The director shall maintain a current list of approved master plans or for master plans in progress. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))

18.72.040 Master planned development application requirements.

The director shall establish the application forms and requirements for proposed master plans. At a minimum, proposed master plans shall include the following:

A.    The range, mix, and intensity of the proposed uses;

B.    A conceptual site layout defining areas proposed for development, areas not suitable for development, and proposed setbacks, buffers, and landscaping requirements;

C.    Access and development standards;

D.    Building height and size limitations;

E.    Provisions for water and sewer services;

F.    Design guidelines; and

G.    Other measures as may be proposed to ensure that proposed development activities are consistent with the goals and policies of the comprehensive plan, compatible with surrounding land uses, do not adversely affect environmentally sensitive areas, and to mitigate potential adverse project impacts. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))

18.72.050 Development standards.

All development activities must comply with the conditions of the approved master plan, the conditions of any required permits and approvals, and must comply with the provisions of the Douglas County Code unless alternative measures have been established in a development agreement approved by the county.

A.    In addition to the requirements set forth above, approved master planned developments in a MP-O district shall meet the following development standards:

1.    Traffic Impacts. The applicant shall prepare and submit for county review and approval, at no cost to the county, a traffic study that identifies and proposes mitigation for the traffic impacts of the proposed development. Mitigation may include but is not limited to ongoing monitoring as may be required by the county;

2.    Sewer and Water Services. The applicant shall provide documentation to verify sufficient provisions have been made to provide water and sewer service to support the proposed development, provided said services neither reduce the level of service below adopted level of service standards nor adversely affect the capacity to provide water or sewer service to existing and future customers. This shall include but is not limited to documentation that adequate capacity exists in the regional sewage treatment facility and that all required approvals and authorizations has been obtained;

3.    Storm Water Management. All development activities in a MP-O district shall meet or exceed the design standards for an urban area contained in the Department of Ecology Storm Water Design Manual for Eastern Washington as determined by the county. The applicant shall be responsible for all costs reasonably incurred by the county in making this determination; and

4.    Environmentally Sensitive Areas. The applicant shall, at no cost to the county, identify all environmentally sensitive areas on the site, and all environmentally sensitive areas adjacent to the site that are likely to be impacted by the proposed development. The applicant shall, at no cost to the county, make adequate provisions to avoid or mitigate potential adverse impacts. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))

18.72.060 Master plan revisions.

Project sponsors may submit an application(s) to modify approved master plans. Modifications that do not substantially change the nature or level of use or that do not require a new environmental review may be considered minor amendments and may be approved by the director of land services in accordance with the procedures for limited or full administrative review as specified in DCC Chapter 14.10. Modifications that would result in a substantial change of use, or substantially change the nature or level of activity, or that would require the need for additional environmental review, shall be considered major modifications and shall be processed in accordance with the procedures specified in DCC Chapter 14.10 for quasi-judicial review or legislative review as appropriate. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))

18.72.070 Development agreement(s).

The county and applicant may execute, in accordance with the provisions of the laws of Washington State, development agreement(s) to implement the provisions of the approved master planned development and related permits and approvals. (Ord. TLS 08-03-05 Exh. B (part))