Chapter 9.02


9.02.010    Purpose of chapter.

9.02.020    Certain gambling authorized.

9.02.022    Definition of social card game.

9.02.025    Social card game--Examination of record.

9.02.027    Prohibition of social card game room gambling.

9.02.030    License to be issued.

9.02.040    License fee.

9.02.050    Tax.

9.02.060    Penalty for violation.

9.02.010 Purpose of chapter.

It is the intention of the City of DuPont in enacting this chapter to authorize those forms of gambling within the City which are permitted by Chapter 280, Laws of 1971, Extraordinary Session, State of Washington.  (Ord. 104 § 1, Aug. 11th, 1971; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.020 Certain gambling authorized.

Any nonprofit organization or agricultural fair which qualifies as an eligible organization for the conduct of the forms of gambling permitted in said chapter may engage in such permitted form of gambling after application for and issuance of a license upon such form as may be furnished therefor by the City Clerk.  As a prerequisite to the issuance thereof, the City Clerk may require the applicant to furnish such information as is reasonably necessary to ensure that the applicant qualifies under said chapter.  (Ord. 104 § 2, Aug. 11th, 1971; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.022 Definition of social card game.

The City of DuPont hereby adopts the definition of “social card games” as defined by RCW 9.46.0282 by reference.  (Ord. 99-655 § 1; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.025 Social card game--Examination of record.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.12.140, one copy of RCW 9.46.0282, which is adopted herein by reference, is attached to the ordinance codified in this section.  In addition, one copy of RCW 9.46.0282 has been on file in the office of the City Clerk for examination by the public while the ordinance codified in this section has been under consideration by the Council, prior to adoption.  (Ord. 99-655 § 2; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.027 Prohibition of social card game room gambling.

Social card games are prohibited.  For the purpose of DMC 9.02.022 through 9.02.027, “social card games” are defined in RCW 9.46.0282.  (Ord. 99-655 § 3; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.030 License to be issued.

Any license issued under the preceding section shall specify the place, dates, nature of gambling authorized, and name and address of the organization to which it is issued.  No such license shall be transferable.  (Ord. 104 § 3, Aug. 11th, 1971; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.040 License fee.

The fee for the license issued under this chapter shall be $10.00.  (Ord. 104 § 4, Aug. 11th, 1971; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.050 Tax.

There is hereby imposed upon all activities licensed under this chapter an excise tax in an amount equal to five percent of the gross receipts of such activity.  In computing such excise tax, a credit will be allowed for the license fee paid under the preceding section.  Such excise tax shall be payable not less than 10 days following the termination of such licensed activity.  The City Clerk may require the applicant to furnish, and the applicant shall upon request supply, such information and records as may be reasonably necessary to verify the amount of such tax.  (Ord. 104 § 5, Aug. 11th, 1971; Ord. 08-864 § 1).

9.02.060 Penalty for violation.

Any violation of any provision, or failure to comply with any of the requirements, of this chapter shall be subject to the terms and conditions of Chapter 1.17 DMC, Enforcement.  (Ord. 104 § 6, Aug. 11th, 1971; Ord. 05-793 § 2; Ord. 08-864 § 1).