Chapter 17.04


17.04.010    Title – Map and zoning adopted by reference.

17.04.020    Purpose – Districts.

17.04.010 Title – Map and zoning adopted by reference.

A. This title shall be known and may be cited as the “East Wenatchee Zoning Ordinance.”

B. The ordinance codified in this title shall consist of the text of this title and in addition thereto a zoning map marked “Official Zoning Map of the City of East Wenatchee” and including the text thereon and by this reference made a part hereof. Such ordinance and each and all of its terms are to be read and interpreted in the light of the commitments of the zoning map. If any conflict of the zoning map and text should arise the text of the ordinance codified in this title shall prevail. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.04.020 Purpose – Districts.

The general purposes of this title are to promote the public health, safety and general welfare; and to assist in the implementation of the East Wenatchee Comprehensive Plan. All territory within the corporate limits of the city shall be classified according to the use districts identified in EWMC 17.12.010. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)