Chapter 17.42


17.42.010    Purpose.

17.42.020    Permitted uses.

17.42.030    Repealed.

17.42.040    Prohibited uses.

17.42.050    Dimensional standards.

17.42.060    Off-street parking requirements.

17.42.070    Landscaping.

17.42.080    Signs.

17.42.090    Repealed.

17.42.100    Design standards and guidelines.

17.42.010 Purpose.

The general commercial district encourages the development of commercial uses that will create varied job opportunities and provide services to the community that are not strictly retail in nature. This district will implement the General Commercial category of the comprehensive plan. The uses within this district may require large areas for customer parking, retail service, office establishments, limited outdoor activities, displays and other commercial activities. The businesses locating within these areas often draw customers from the outlying areas rather than from a more limited local trade area. This district is expected to be more automobile-oriented than the CBD district. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.020 Permitted uses.

See Chapter 17.34 EWMC for a matrix of permitted, accessory and conditional uses allowed in the G-C zoning district. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 02-22 § 15, 2002; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.030 Accessory uses.

Repealed by Ord. 07-05. (Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.040 Prohibited uses.

All uses not listed above as permitted uses, accessory uses, or conditional uses shall be prohibited uses. Upon application to the hearing examiner, the hearing examiner may rule that a use not specifically named in the permitted uses of a district shall be included among the allowed uses if the use is of the same general type and is similar to the permitted uses; however, this section does not authorize the inclusion of a use in a district where it is not listed when the use is specifically listed in another district. Prohibited uses include but are not limited to:

A. Vehicle wrecking yards including junk, scrap metal, and other material salvage operations, with the exception of recycling centers, or as provided in this chapter;

B. Storage of explosives or materials of such character or in such quantities as to constitute a significantly greater hazard to persons, property or environmental health than that posed by materials commonly used or stored in the ordinary retail and service establishments permitted in this district;

C. General industrial uses;

D. Residential uses, except as specifically permitted in Chapter 17.34 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 20-13 § 5, 2020; Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.050 Dimensional standards.

Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the applicant shall meet all of the applicable provisions and requirements of this code, including the following:

A. Lot Size. No minimum lot size required.

B. Area Requirements.

1. Minimum Width. The minimum lot width in the G-C district shall be 60 feet wide. The minimum lot width for corner lots shall be 150 feet of continuous frontage in both directions as measured from the centerline of intersecting road rights-of-way.

2. Maximum building coverage: 65 percent.

C. Building Height. The maximum building height shall be 65 feet.

D. Minimum Yards and Setbacks. The minimum yards and setbacks for activities permitted in the G-C district shall be:

1. Front Yard Setback. No building or structure shall be erected closer than 40 feet from the centerline of a public right-of-way or 10 feet from a front property line, whichever is greater.

2. Side/Rear Yard Setback. No building or structure may be erected closer than 10 feet from any side or rear property line, except buildings adjoined with a party wall. Buildings adjoined with a party wall shall be identified as such on preliminary and final site plans. Notwithstanding the foregoing, side and rear yards shall be 25 feet when the lot abuts a residential district.

E. Storage Standards. All storage shall be within an enclosed building or entirely enclosed with a view-obscuring fence supplemented with a landscape strip located between the fence and the property line. Said landscaping strip shall comply with the requirements of EWMC 17.72.080(A) for Type I landscaping.

F. Display/Exhibits. The display of products or outdoor exhibits for public view or show is permitted; provided, that products for sale or rent are stored or displayed outdoors only during business hours and that such products are not located within any pedestrian walkway, parking areas or rights-of-way. Displays of automobiles, boats, farm equipment, and recreational vehicles intended for sale are exempt from this provision provided they are located within an approved display area. (Ord. 08-09 § 3 Exh. A-1(6), 2008; Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.060 Off-street parking requirements.

The off-street parking requirements shall be as set forth in EWMC 17.72.010, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.070 Landscaping.

Landscaping of the site shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 17.72 EWMC, including all future amendments, unless modified under the following provision:

A. Pedestrian Parks, Green Areas, or Plazas. Uses and buildings located within the G-C district are encouraged to provide areas for pedestrian parks, green areas or plazas. In lieu of providing a portion of the required perimeter landscaping on the side or rear yard areas of the site or in the case of buildings adjoined by a party wall, up to a maximum of 60 percent of the required landscape area may be transferred to another location on the lot to create a pedestrian park, green area or plaza, provided the following criteria are met:

1. The area is separated from parking lot driveways and/or roads by curbs or other approved devices;

2. The site is located in an area that is accessible and contributes to the pedestrian environment of the site;

3. The site features prominent seating area(s) and other pedestrian amenities; and

4. At least 50 percent of the required landscaping shall include a combination of trees, shrubs, and living ground cover. The landscape plan shall be approved by the director and comply with Chapter 17.72 EWMC. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.080 Signs.

Signage on the site shall comply with the requirements of Chapters 15.24 and 17.74 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.090 Site plan review.

Repealed by Ord. 22-08. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 01-03 § 1, 2001)

17.42.100 Design standards and guidelines.

Development within this district shall comply with the applicable sections of the Greater Wenatchee Urban Area Design Standards and Guidelines which are adopted by this reference as if fully set forth herein, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)