Chapter 17.48


17.48.010    Purpose.

17.48.020    Permitted uses.

17.48.030    Prohibited uses.

17.48.040    Dimensional standards.

17.48.050    Design standards and guidelines.

17.48.060    Off-street parking requirements.

17.48.070    Landscaping.

17.48.080    Signs.

17.48.090    Site plan review.

17.48.010 Purpose.

The MU mixed use designation allows a mixture of uses including residential and commercial activities to increase the variety of development opportunities where people can enjoy shopping, working, and living in the same area. The MU designation is located on upland areas that do not have specific shoreline influences other than views.

A. This district is intended to accommodate low-rise, and low to medium density residential, with a mix of both attached and detached housing unit types, along with a limited amount of commercial uses;

B. The retail uses should be designed to be compatible with the scale and character of residential and other uses in the neighborhood surrounding the project site;

C. The character of the district should be considered in the design of projects taking advantage of the available view corridor. (Ord. 17-09 § 5, 2017; Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.48.020 Permitted uses.

See Chapter 17.34 EWMC for a matrix of permitted, accessory and conditional uses allowed in the MU zoning district. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 02-22 § 17, 2002; Ord. 2000-03 § 4, 2000; Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.48.030 Prohibited uses.

All uses not listed above as permitted uses, accessory uses, or conditional uses shall be prohibited uses. Upon application to the board of adjustment, the board may rule that a use not specifically named in the permitted uses of a district shall be included among the allowed uses if the use is of the same general type and is similar to the permitted uses; however, this section does not authorize the inclusion of a use in a district where it is not listed when the use is specifically listed in another district. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 2000-03 § 4, 2000; Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.48.040 Dimensional standards.

The following are dimensional standards in the MU district:



Maximum building height


Maximum floor area ratio (not including parking)


Maximum impervious coverage


Minimum setback from R-L district


(Ord. 17-09 § 6, 2017; Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.48.050 Design standards and guidelines.

A. Development shall be by master plan for projects greater than 10 acres in area to address:

1. Integrated street and access plan to ensure internal and external connectivity;

2. A unified thematic approach to design characteristics;

3. Nonmotorized and transit accessibility;

4. Signage;

5. Utility plans and stormwater management.

B. All development within the WMU district shall comply with the Greater East Wenatchee Urban Area Design Standards and Guidelines which are adopted by this reference as if fully set forth herein. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.48.060 Off-street parking requirements.

Off-street parking space shall be required for uses permitted in the MU district in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 17.72 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007; Ord. 02-18 § 4, 2002; Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.48.070 Landscaping.

Landscaping shall be required pursuant to the terms of Chapter 17.72 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.48.080 Signs.

Signs shall comply with the requirements of Chapters 15.24 and 17.74 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.48.090 Site plan review.

Site plan review and approval pursuant to Chapter 17.80 EWMC shall be required prior to the use of land for the location of any commercial activity and for the location of multiple dwelling units. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)