Chapter 18.12F


18.12F.010    Classification.

18.12F.020    Designation.

18.12F.030    Regulations.

18.12F.010 Classification.

Areas shall be classified as mineral resource areas based on geologic, environmental and economic factors, existing land uses, and land ownership. The following categories of mineral resource lands are established for the purpose of classification:

A. Metallics; and

B. Sand and gravel. (Ord. 08-02 § 3, 2008)

18.12F.020 Designation.

All existing and hereafter established sand and gravel extraction sites are designated as mineral resource areas of long-term commercial significance. (Ord. 08-02 § 3, 2008)

18.12F.030 Regulations.

The following regulations shall apply to new development and the expansion of existing development in mineral resource areas:

A. Settling ponds should be used on new rock pit developments to protect water quality and prevent sedimentation;

B. Mining sites should be encouraged to be located where adjacent lands are used for mining, open space, forestry, agricultural and industrial uses;

C. Mining sites should be located where the off-site effects of blasting, noise, dust and vibration from extractive operations are minimized;

D. Mining sites should be located and sited where heavy equipment, mines and pits can be screened from residential and commercial properties;

E. Filling for rock pit development should not be allowed in floodways and erosion control should be considered a priority and addressed in the operational plan;

F. Screening and buffering from adjacent properties should be the responsibility of the new or expanded mineral extraction development;

G. Assure the reclamation of land for redevelopment after the completion of gravel and mineral extraction including, but not limited to, weed control for a three- to five-year period with the intent being to reestablish adequate groundcover that is compatible with surrounding uses;

H. Protect mining sites from conflicting uses;

I. Protect areas of different use characteristics, but adjacent to or within 300 feet of the mining site, from adverse effects of mineral extraction activities. (Ord. 08-02 § 3, 2008)