Chapter 2.29


2.29.010    Police chief powers and duties.

2.29.020    Deputy police chief powers and duties.

2.29.010 Police chief powers and duties.

The police chief, under the direction of the mayor, is head of the town’s police department and shall have the responsibilities as set forth herein and in state law, RCW 35.27.240. The eligibility requirements for the police chief are as set forth in RCW 35.21.333. Before making any appointment in the office of chief of police, the town shall complete a background investigation, as required by RCW 35.21.334. The duties of the police chief are as follows:

A. Carries out supervisory responsibility in accordance with town of Eatonville policies, procedures and applicable laws including: interviewing, hiring and training, planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining members; addressing complaints and resolving problems;

B. Plans long-range goals, objectives, organizational structure, and overall direction for the Eatonville police department;

C. Monitors, reviews, and communicates the implementation phases of the Eatonville police department’s strategic plans to ensure that long range goals and objectives are met;

D. Plans and implements short-term or annual goals, objectives, and strategies for the Eatonville police department to ensure efficient organization and completion of work;

E. Plans, allocates, and monitors time, people, equipment, and other resources for the town of Eatonville to ensure efficient organization and completion of work;

F. Plans for the staffing needs of the Eatonville police department, coordinates the hiring process, and is responsible for the assignment of all Eatonville police department personnel;

G. Plans, coordinates, assigns and monitors performance and coaches, counsels, mentors, trains, and advises members of the Eatonville police department for the dual goals of meeting Eatonville police department goals and member career development;

H. Confers with the town of Eatonville administration to keep them informed on key issues and progress toward objectives and to gain their support and approval; makes recommendations to assist the administration in making needed improvements;

I. Signs official and other documents to approve or ensure information adequacy, accuracy, and legitimacy;

J. Maintains and upgrades professional knowledge, skills, and development by attending seminars and training programs and reading trade and professional journals and publications;

K. Supervises special assignments as requested, to include researching and preparing reports and projects, developing and implementing programs, and presenting technical data to administration, elected officials, and others;

L. Represents the town of Eatonville at various functions such as making speeches at civic and business associations, meeting with influential persons within the community, developers, officials, citizens, and representatives of the press, to establish goodwill and resolve/respond to issues;

M. Collects, analyzes, recommends, and reports on data concerning budget preparation, grant administration, personnel analysis, etc.;

N. Secures, justifies, and monitors use of budgetary monies and capital;

O. Operates assigned vehicle in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. (Ord. 2010-08 § 1, 2010).

2.29.020 Deputy police chief powers and duties.

A. The deputy police chief shall be appointed by the mayor. The duties of the deputy police chief shall be on file with the town clerk and maintained as set forth in EMC 2.30.010.

B. Deputy Police Chief Job Description. The job description for the deputy chief of the police department is attached as Exhibit A to the ordinance codified in this section, which is incorporated herein as if fully set forth. This job description shall be filed with the town clerk and maintained as set forth in EMC 2.30.010. (Ord. 2010-08 §§ 1, 2, 2010).