Chapter 3.08


3.08.010    Established.

3.08.020    Disbursement of funds.

3.08.030    Deposit of funds – Account keeping.

3.08.040    Transfer of funds.

3.08.050    Use of funds.

3.08.060    Warrants – Issuance – Bills.

*For statutory provisions authorizing the creation of a payroll fund, see RCW 35.21.085.

3.08.010 Established.

There is established in the office of the town treasurer, pursuant to RCW 35.21.085, a special fund, to be known and designated as the “Payroll Fund,” for the purpose of paying any moneys due town employees for salaries and wages. (Ord. 244 § 1, 1967).

3.08.020 Disbursement of funds.

All moneys placed in the payroll fund, as directed by the town council from time to time, may be drawn upon by warrants and may be cashed for the purpose of paying any moneys due town employees for salaries and wages. Moneys placed in said payroll fund may be drawn from any other funds available. (Ord. 244 § 2, 1967).

3.08.030 Deposit of funds – Account keeping.

The town treasurer is authorized to deposit, place and keep in the payroll fund such sums or funds as may be received or available for the purpose of paying salaries and wages. The accounts of the payroll fund shall be kept and maintained in such manner as to show the department or departments and respective amounts for which each payment or warrant is issued and payable. (Ord. 244 § 3, 1967).

3.08.040 Transfer of funds.

Any and all transfers from an insolvent fund to the payroll fund shall be by warrant. (Ord. 244 § 4, 1967).

3.08.050 Use of funds.

The use of the payroll fund shall not apply to payments from trust funds, or payments from local improvement district funds, or from other funds where the law requires that a separate series of warrants be issued. (Ord. 244 § 5, 1967).

3.08.060 Warrants – Issuance – Bills.

Warrants against the payroll fund shall be issued only after there have been filed with the town clerk proper payrolls, due bills or time certificates approved by the town council stating the nature of the services rendered, the amount due or owing, and the persons entitled thereto. All warrants issued on or against said funds shall be solely and only for the purposes herein set forth, and shall be payable only out of and from said fund. Each warrant issued under the provisions of this chapter shall have printed upon its face the words “Payroll Fund”. (Ord. 244 § 6, 1967).