Chapter 12.18


12.18.010    Planting requires pre-approval.

12.18.020    Permit required for removal.

12.18.030    Permit process.

12.18.010 Planting requires pre-approval.

No person or persons shall plant any tree or shrub on public property without first obtaining written approval from the public works director or mayor. The public works department may keep a list of pre-approved trees. (Ord. 2019-10 § 2 (Exh. A), 2019; Ord. 90-25 § 1, 1990).

12.18.020 Permit required for removal.

It is unlawful for any person or persons to destroy or remove any tree or shrub of any kind from any property owned by the town, or under its control or management, without first obtaining a written permit from the town authorizing the removal of such tree or shrub. (Ord. 90-25 § 2, 1990).

12.18.030 Permit process.

The procedure for application and consideration of permits for the purpose of this chapter shall be as follows:

A. Any person desiring a permit under the provisions of this chapter shall file a written application with the town clerk no later than five business days before the next regularly scheduled town council meeting. The application shall set forth the location of the tree(s) or shrub(s) to be removed, the number to be removed, and the purpose of the removal.

B. An application fee of $25.00 per tree or shrub must be submitted to the clerk at the time the application is made.

C. The applicant must also execute an agreement to repair any damage done to sidewalks, streets, curbs, gutters, or utilities due to the removal.

D. Consideration of the application by the town council shall be at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the council following the filing of the application. The granting or denying of the permit shall be based upon the best interest of the citizens of the town. (Ord. 90-25 § 3, 1990).