Chapter 12.24


12.24.010    County standards adopted.

12.24.020    Purpose of standards.

12.24.030    Applicability of standards.

12.24.010 County standards adopted.

The Pierce County private road standards as set forth in Pierce County Code Sections 12.52.020 through 12.52.310, as adopted by Pierce County Ordinance No. 91-46 Section 2, are adopted as the private road standards for the town of Eatonville, and three copies of the standards are one file with the town clerk; provided, however, a minimum geometric criteria as set forth in Exhibit C, attached to Ordinance 92-8 and on file with the town clerk, shall supersede and replace minimum geometric criteria established by the Pierce County Code. (Ord. 92-8 § 1, 1992).

12.24.020 Purpose of standards.

A. The purpose of these road standards is to standardize private-road design elements and to assure, so far as practical, that the minimum requirements of the public are met. These requirements include safety, welfare, convenience, aesthetics, and economical maintenance.

B. These standards cannot provide for all situations. These standards are intended to assist, but not to substitute for, competent work by professional engineers. It is expected that the professional engineer will bring to each project the best of his/her skills and abilities to see that the project is designed correctly and accurately. (Ord. 92-8 § 2, 1992).

12.24.030 Applicability of standards.

These standards shall apply to the review of all proposed divisions of land. All private roads and easements which serve as accesses to and within all divisions of land, including short subdivisions, shall meet these standards. A private road which serves a division of three or less parcels of real property may receive a variance from the full street width, if it appears that it is not likely that the street will provide access to other parcels of real property, and provided a lesser width would provide for sufficient public access, parking, utilities and sidewalks, in the opinion of the town public works director. The standards shall also be applicable to any road which gives access to facilities open to the public. These standards shall not apply to driveways which give access over a single parcel of land to a single-family residence on the land. (Ord. 92-8 § 2, 1992).