Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Regulations established – Purpose.

13.04.020    Application – Form – Contents.

13.04.030    Charges to constitute lien.

13.04.040    Billing – Delinquency – Penalty – Shutoff – Reconnection.

13.04.050    Use restrictions.

13.04.060    Installation and connection charges for meters.

13.04.065    Public works water development and construction standards.

13.04.070    Connection – Specifications – Exceptions.

13.04.075    Corporation stops.

13.04.080    Turn-off or turn-on – Prohibited – Exceptions.

13.04.090    Connection – Owner responsibility – Cost.

13.04.100    Prohibited acts – Exceptions.

13.04.110    Connection – Permit required – Penalty – Water service from fire hydrant.

13.04.120    Turn-on – Payment in advance required – Right to turn off – Notice.

13.04.130    Discontinuance – Short term – Procedure.

13.04.140    Shut-off – Town rights and responsibilities.

13.04.150    Irrigation or sprinkling – Prohibited during fire.

13.04.160    Right of access for inspection.

13.04.170    Extra connections – Charge.

13.04.180    Water main extensions – Fees.

13.04.190    Extension, repair or replacement of distribution mains within town limits.

13.04.200    Meters – Testing procedures and charges.

13.04.210    Fire hydrant – Operation restrictions.

13.04.220    Fire hydrant – Operation by inspector – Costs borne.

13.04.230    Connections outside of town limits.

13.04.235    Fire hydrant – Monthly rates for water consumption.

13.04.240    Piling rubbish on meters prohibited.

13.04.250    Fire protection service – Standby charges.

13.04.260    Fire protection service – Equipment installation and maintenance.

13.04.270    Meter installation – Town’s rights – Costs.

13.04.280    Meter rates for water services within the town limits.

13.04.290    Irrigation water service meter charges.

13.04.300    Violation – Penalty – Additional liability.

13.04.010 Regulations established – Purpose.

The following rules and regulations are established for fixing, regulating and controlling the use and sale of water supplied by the town to both residents and nonresidents of the town. (Ord. 70-3 § 1, 1970).

13.04.020 Application – Form – Contents.

All applications for the use of water must be made to the public works director at the office of the town to be furnished by the clerk for that purpose. Such applications must be made by the owner or the authorized agent of the property to which the water is to be furnished. The applicant shall state fully and truthfully all the purposes for which the water may be required, and must agree to conform to the rules and regulations and any modifications thereof that may be established from time to time, as a condition for the use of water. The applicant shall be required to pay a nonrefundable permit fee of $100.00 to the town clerk. The permit fee will be applied to billings for water service, until exhausted, if connection to the water system is made within 90 days of the application. (Ord. 91-15 § 1, 1991: Ord. 70-3 § 2, 1970).

13.04.030 Charges to constitute lien.

All charges for water sold and furnished by the town to any user shall at all times constitute a lien against the real property where such water services are delivered and distributed by the town and shall bind all successors in interest to the real property. It shall be the responsibility of the owner to notify the town following any change in ownership, occupancy or tenancy. (Ord. 91-15 § 2, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 3, 1970).

13.04.040 Billing – Delinquency – Penalty – Shutoff – Reconnection.

A. All utility bills are due and payable when mailed.

B. All bills become delinquent if not paid within 25 days after date of billing; if unpaid, the town may impose a late payment fee.

C. Bills become subject to shutoff if not paid within 25 days from the billing date.

1. The town may make written demand to such consumer to either pay such fees or cease such violation, as the case may be, and may shut off service to the premises at any time after five days following delivery of such demand, if the late payment fee has not been paid or the violation is not ceased.

2. Discontinuance of service shall not occur earlier than five days after written notice of the discontinuance date has been deposited in the mail addressed to the consumer, and not earlier than 24 hours after an additional written notice has been posted at the front door of the premises.

D. When service has been shut off, reconnection will be made only after payment of all back charges for service rendered to said premises, and correction of any other violation of this chapter and payment of the reconnection fee established by the town. Unauthorized reconnection or tampering with the utilities, by persons other than town employees, without express written consent of the mayor or public works director, is unlawful.

E. Fees for late payment, reconnection, and costs of staff time to repair tampering may be set by resolution adopted by the town council, which may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary. (Ord. 99-26 § 2, 2000).

13.04.050 Use restrictions.

No person supplied with water from the town mains shall be entitled to use it for any purpose other than those stated in the application, or to supply other persons or families in any way or for any purpose, without first securing a permit to do so from the public works director. (Ord. 91-15 § 4, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 5, 1970).

13.04.060 Installation and connection charges for meters.

A. Installation of the meter will be done only after payment of the connection fee and meter installation charge is received. Connection fee and meter installation charges shall be set by resolution of the town council.

B. Repealed by Ord. 2015-19.

C. All new construction, residential and commercial, on property which is located within 150 feet of a water main of the town, shall be required to extend the water main to and across the entire frontage of their property and connect to the town water system prior to the occupancy of the building. No new wells shall be constructed and no alterations to existing wells shall be permitted on properties that can be served, within 150 feet of a water main of the town, or are now served by the town water system.

D. Sprinkler connections shall be constructed at the property owner’s expense subject to approval and inspection by the public works department.

E. Repealed by Ord. 2015-19.

F. Any person, firm or corporation desiring to construct any new or the replacement of water service systems, water mains or side water lines which are to be constructed by anyone other than the town shall first submit a plan for the construction to the public works director. To assure that an as-built plan is submitted for the town records and approved by the public works director, the water meter shall be secured in the off position and remain that way until the as-built plan is received and approved. (Ord. 2015-19 § 1, 2015; Ord. 91-15 § 5, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 5, 1970).

13.04.065 Public works water development and construction standards.

All persons within the town, all persons served by the water distribution system of the town, and all persons who desire to be served by the water distribution of the town, shall adhere to the “Town of Eatonville Public Works Design, Development and Construction Standards,” a copy of which is on file with the town clerk. The standards may be revised and reissued from time to time by the public works director. (Ord. 91-15 § 6, 1991).

13.04.070 Connection – Specifications – Exceptions.

All service connection pipes shall be installed directly from the street main to the owner’s property line and shall be laid at a depth of not less than 24 inches below the surface of the ground, with the meter box to be located at or near the property line. The meter box may be located elsewhere if reasonable to do so, by special permission of the public works director. (Ord. 91-15 § 7, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 7, 1970).

13.04.075 Corporation stops.

All service pipes must come direct from the street main and shall be laid at such depth and at such point as the public works department designates. No bibb or fixture of any kind shall be installed between the main and the meter. All corporation stops and connections thereto shall be maintained under the control of the public works department. (Ord. 91-15 § 8, 1991).

13.04.080 Turn-off or turn-on – Prohibited – Exceptions.

No person except an officer or employee of the town will be allowed to turn the water off or on at the town’s curb stop after the plumbing has been completed and the water turned on by the town. (Ord. 70-3 § 8, 1970).

13.04.090 Connection – Owner responsibility – Cost.

All pipes and connections from the property line shall be put in at the expense of the owner, who shall be responsible for all damages resulting from leaks or breaks. (Ord. 70-3 § 9, 1970).

13.04.100 Prohibited acts – Exceptions.

No plumber or person other than an officer or employee of the town will be allowed to make connections with the town’s mains, or to make alterations in any conduit, pipe or other fixture connecting therewith, or to connect pipes when they have been disconnected, or to turn water off or on any premises at the town’s stopcock. (Ord. 70-3 § 10, 1970).

13.04.110 Connection – Permit required – Penalty – Water service from fire hydrant.

A. Any person making connection to or alterations in any pipe whereby water may be drawn from the town’s mains, or taking water from any fire hydrant, bibb pipe or fixture of any kind without first having secured a permit for the same from the town clerk, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00. All such fines shall revert to the water fund.

B. Any person, business, or agency desiring water service from a fire hydrant, or hose connection, shall first request their use of a hydrant to the public works director, and pay a fee equal to a two-inch basic meter charge plus the water usage charge in effect at the time of hook-up. The town employee shall install a meter on each hydrant prior to any water usage. This subsection does not apply to uses of the fire hydrant by the town fire department. (Ord. 91-15 § 9, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 11, 1970).

13.04.120 Turn-on – Payment in advance required – Right to turn off – Notice.

Should it be desired to have the water turned on after it has been turned off, or where new services have been put in and the plumbing is completed, charges for the remainder of the month must be paid in advance, upon payment of which the water will be turned on. The town shall have the right at any time to shut off the water service to any premises on which there are situated leaky faucets, closets or other fixtures after notice to such property owner given 24 hours in advance. (Ord. 70-3 § 12, 1970).

13.04.130 Discontinuance – Short term – Procedure.

Should it be desired to discontinue the use of water supplied to vacant premises for a period of not less than 30 days, notice in writing must be given to the town clerk. The water will then be turned off and turned on again upon proper application and payment of a $25.00 charge, but no remission of charges will be made for a period of less than 30 days or without the notice prescribed in this section. (Ord. 91-15 § 10, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 13, 1970).

13.04.140 Shut-off – Town rights and responsibilities.

A. The water may, at any time, be shut off from the mains, without notice, for repairs, extensions or other necessary purposes, and the town shall not be responsible for the safety of boilers supplied by direct pressure from the mains or otherwise on the premises of any water consumer. Persons having boilers supplied by direct pressure from the mains are cautioned against danger of explosion or collapse, and where meters are in use or to be used on such service, a safety valve shall be placed between the boiler on such service and the meter, at the owner’s expense, and such person shall be held responsible to the town for any and all damages to meters or injuries to persons caused by hot water.

B. The town will not be responsible for the safety of boilers or other fixtures on the premises of any water consumer.

C. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to place on record with the town, life-support equipment data that requires water for its operation or function. The town shall not be responsible for service interruption but shall endeavor to give prior notice if possible. (Ord. 91-15 § 11, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 14, 1970).

13.04.150 Irrigation or sprinkling – Prohibited during fire.

No person shall use water for irrigation or sprinkling during the progress of any fire in the town, and all irrigation or sprinkling shall be immediately stopped when requested by the fire chief or his designee. (Ord. 91-15 § 12, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 15, 1970).

13.04.160 Right of access for inspection.

Officers and employees of the town shall have access at all times in the day to all parts of the building in which water may be delivered from the town mains for the purposes of proper inspection after obtaining access by the home owner. (Ord. 91-15 § 13, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 16, 1970).

13.04.170 Extra connections – Charge.

Extra connections from the town shall be charged the regular rate for the time such service is used. An additional service connection charge shall be made for such additional service connections. (Ord. 91-15 § 14, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 17, 1970).

13.04.180 Water main extensions – Fees.

All water main extensions financed by other than town funds must have the design plans approved by the town. Plan review fees will be at $25.00 per hour and/or actual cost of consulting engineer fees, if required by the public works director. Field inspection fees will be at the rate of one-half of one percent of actual construction bid costs or $100.00 whichever is greater, but in any event not less than $25.00. (Ord. 91-15 § 15, 1991; Ord. 78-8 § 14, 1978; Ord. 70-3 § 19, 1970).

13.04.190 Extension, repair or replacement of distribution mains within town limits.

Whenever there is need for extension, repair or replacement of distribution mains, the following methods are available:

A. Formation of a local improvement district as set forth in the Revised Code of Washington;

B. Private funding with the option of latecomer agreement;

C. Other funding methods allowed by law and approved by the town council.

Before connecting such pipe with the municipal water system, the property owner to be supplied by such extension shall execute a bill of sale to the town for the water main and appurtenances together with an easement, if required by the town, for the water main and appurtenances. The charges shall include assessments in lieu of LID, charges under latecomer agreements, permit fees, system buy-in charges, inspection fees and any additional fees imposed by the town. (Ord. 91-15 § 16, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 20, 1970).

13.04.200 Meters – Testing procedures and charges.

In the event of the meters getting out of order and failing to properly register the amount of water used, the property owner shall be charged at the average rate of monthly consumption as shown by the meter when in order. When the property owner requests that the meter be checked for errors the town may replace the meter with another meter. The meter that was replaced may be tested by the town or may be taken out of service. (Ord. 91-15 § 25, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 21, 1970).

13.04.210 Fire hydrant – Operation restrictions.

It is a civil infraction with a monetary penalty of $500.00 for any person, other than properly authorized employees of the town or members of the fire department, to operate or tamper with fire hydrants and hose outlets unless permission has first been granted by the public works department and proper arrangements have been made with the clerk for payment of the water to be used. (Ord. 2013-09 § 1, 2013; Ord. 91-15 § 18, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 22, 1970).

13.04.220 Fire hydrant – Operation by inspector – Costs borne.

When it is deemed necessary by the public works department, the town will furnish an inspector to operate a fire hydrant or hose connection to avoid damage and to obtain the necessary information for computing the volume of water consumed. The expense for the services of the inspector and equipment furnished shall be paid by the applicant, and in no case shall the charge be less than $35.00. (Ord. 91-15 § 19, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 23, 1970).

13.04.230 Connections outside of town limits.

Whenever any one or more persons outside the corporate limits of the town, not already furnished with water by the town, desires the system to be extended so as to furnish any premises with water which are not already connected with the system, such person or persons shall apply to the town to have such water service so extended by the applicant. Such application shall designate the premises to be supplied and the number of services desired, together with the plans and specifications for the extension. In addition, if the area to be served cannot be legally annexed to the town, the property owner desiring service shall complete an out-of-town water user agreement and enter into a developer’s water extension agreement per this code if the extension requires any additional mains prior to the issuance of any permit. The connection charges outside the corporate limits of the town shall include permit fees, system fee, meter installation charges, inspection fees, and shall be at the same rates, fees and charges as within the corporate limits of the town plus a 50 percent surcharge. The monthly water rates charged to water users outside the corporate limits of the town shall be the same as for users residing within the town. (Ord. 91-15 § 17, 1991; Ord. 70-3 § 24, 1970).

13.04.235 Fire hydrant – Monthly rates for water consumption.

The monthly rate for water consumed from fire hydrants shall be the same as for a two-inch meter as set forth by town resolution. The user shall be billed for the service until the town is notified in writing that the service is to be discontinued. (Ord. 91-15 § 20, 1991).

13.04.240 Piling rubbish on meters prohibited.

All persons are prohibited from piling rubbish of any kind on water meters and covers so as to prevent free access thereto by employees of the public works department. (Ord. 91-15 § 21, 1991).

13.04.250 Fire protection service – Standby charges.

The monthly rate for water supplied for the purpose of building sprinkler systems and fire hydrants on private property shall be set by resolution of the town council. (Ord. 91-15 § 22, 1991).

13.04.260 Fire protection service – Equipment installation and maintenance.

A. Pipes for fire protection purposes must be fitted with such fixtures only as are needed for fire protection and such fixtures shall be sealed by the fire marshal, and in no case shall such seal be broken, except in case of fire or by the fire chief for the purpose of testing the pipes, fixtures or hose.

B. When seals are broken in case of fire, it shall be the duty of the owner or tenant of the premises to notify the fire marshal within 24 hours after its occurrence, and the seal shall be replaced by the fire marshal.

C. Violation of this section shall be deemed a misdemeanor. All fines collected shall be placed to the credit of the water/sewer operating fund.

D. No domestic water services shall be allowed to be connected to a dead-end water main that is designed to be installed on private property for fire protection. All domestic water services shall be connected to the water system within the road rights-of-way unless approved by the public works director. (Ord. 91-15 § 23, 1991).

13.04.270 Meter installation – Town’s rights – Costs.

The right is reserved to the town through its public works director to place a town water meter on any service for the purpose of measuring the water used on the premises by such service, and payment for installation and water used shall be made by the property owner in the manner as prescribed in this chapter. (Ord. 91-15 § 24, 1991).

13.04.280 Meter rates for water services within the town limits.

The rates for water service within the town limits shall be set from time to time by town resolution. (Ord. 91-15 § 26, 1991).

13.04.290 Irrigation water service meter charges.

Users with water service meters for landscape irrigation only shall not be charged from November 1st through April 30th unless the meter shows usage during such months; in which event, a charge shall be made for the billing period in which the water was used. (Ord. 91-15 § 27, 1991).

13.04.300 Violation – Penalty – Additional liability.

Any knowing violation of the provisions of this chapter or any knowing failure to comply with the requirements of this chapter or any of the provisions of any other ordinances of the town relating to water regulations, shall be a misdemeanor and any person, firm or corporation found guilty thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $500.00 or imprisonment in jail not to exceed 90 days, or both such fine and imprisonment, and the water shall be turned off and remain so until the penalty and all other charges due are paid; provided, that the penalties shall not apply to violations of sections of the water ordinances of the town of which specific penalties have been provided. In addition thereto, any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable to the town for any expense, loss or damage occasioned by the town by reason of such violation. (Ord. 91-15 § 28, 1991).