Chapter 13.18


13.18.010    Utility deposit.

13.18.010 Utility deposit.

A. Deposit Required. Every applicant for utility service, except applicants who own or are contract purchasers of the premises to which service is furnished, shall pay a deposit of $500.00. The property owner or contract purchaser must provide proof of ownership to the town. The owner of the real property may sign a form, provided by the town, waiving all or part of the utility deposit. The owner of the real property is personally responsible for the payment of any delinquent utility bills, whether or not the owner is occupying the premises. Any customer, whether or not an owner, who becomes delinquent in payment of the utility charges may be required by the town to make the deposit required in this chapter as a condition to receiving further utility service.

B. Use of Deposit. In the event a person vacates premises leaving unpaid charges for electric services or unpaid charges for other utility services, the town shall apply such deposit to the payment of such charges as far as necessary, and shall refund any portion thereof remaining unused. The deposit shall not be transferable to new premises to which the applicant might move until all utility bills are paid on the former premises.

C. Other Remedies. This procedure is in addition to the town’s right to terminate utility service to any premises, during any period of time, when any outstanding utility bill remains unpaid, regardless of whether the fee owner incurred the bill. (Ord. 2017-03 § 1, 2017; Ord. 2001-05 § 2, 2001).