Chapter 16.32


16.32.010    Purpose.

16.32.020    Permit required – Fee.

16.32.030    General regulations.

16.32.040    Variance.

16.32.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to minimize the adverse visual and physical impact of satellite receiving systems (antennas) in the community without disrupting signal reception for the user. All other antennas are exempt from this section except as otherwise covered by other provisions of this code. (Ord. 85-6 § 1, 1985).

16.32.020 Permit required – Fee.

A building permit shall be required for installation of satellite receiving systems. The planning commission of the town shall review and approve all applications for the building permit. The applicant shall agree to any conditions of approval established by the planning commission and as approved by the town council before the building permit shall be issued herein. A fee in the sum of $25.00 shall be charged to the applicant at the time of the filing of the application. (Ord. 85-6 § 2, 1985).

16.32.030 General regulations.

The planning commission shall use, but not be limited to, the following criteria in developing appropriate conditions for the location and screening of satellite receiving stations or systems (antennas):

A. Aluminum mesh antennas shall be used whenever possible instead of solid fiberglass type antennas.

B. Antennas shall be painted colors that will blend with their backgrounds.

C. Antennas shall not be greater than 12 feet in diameter.

D. Ground mounted antennas, including their bases, shall be no higher than 15 feet at their highest point above the existing grade.

E. Antennas larger than 36 inches in any dimension shall be screened if visible from street or surrounding properties as is practicable under the circumstances of the property.

F. Antennas shall not be located on any easements.

G. Installation shall meet all applicable construction codes.

H. If any guy lines, wires or other material are used for stabilization they shall be confined within a fenced area.

I. Antennas shall comply with all applicable federal or state statutes and regulations and the town shall assume no responsibility to administer or enforce such regulations.

J. Antennas greater than 36 inches in any dimension shall not be roof mounted unless the antenna will not be visible from any streets or surrounding properties within 500 feet.

K. Antennas shall not be located in the front yard of any residential area or site.

L. Antennas shall be located at least five feet from any property line. The setback is to be measured from the part of the antenna or its base nearest the property line. The planning commission may vary this setback for antennas if it will achieve a result superior to that which would be achieved by strictly following the standards herein.

M. The planning commission may order or require a landscaping planting screen to be provided and maintained around the antenna and accessory attachments in order to minimize the visual impact herein. (Ord. 85-6 § 3, 1985).

16.32.040 Variance.

The planning commission shall have the authority to allow a variance from the terms and conditions of this chapter, for the installation of a satellite receiving system, on such terms and conditions as the planning commission deems appropriate, provided, the variance does not unduly impact adjacent properties from an aesthetic or visual standpoint. Any person may appeal the denial of a variance by the planning commission to the town council provided a notice of appeal is filed with the town clerk within 10 days of the date the notice of denial was mailed by the planning commission to the person requesting the variance. (Ord. 88-7 § 1, 1988).