Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    Office created – Appointment and removal.

2.15.020    Powers and duties.

2.15.030    Compensation.

2.15.010 Office created – Appointment and removal.

There is hereby created the office of city clerk in and for the city, pursuant to the laws of the state of Washington. The position of city clerk shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the city council. The city clerk shall report to and serve at the pleasure of the mayor. (Ord. 15-445 § 1; Ord. 96-04 § 1).

2.15.020 Powers and duties.

Under the authority and direction of the mayor, the city clerk shall perform the duties and affairs of the office of the city clerk. Without limitation of the foregoing, the city clerk shall have the following specific powers and duties:

A. The city clerk shall keep a full and true record of every proceeding of the city council and keep such books, accounts and make such reports as may be required by the Division of Municipal Corporations in the office of the State Auditor. The city clerk shall record all ordinances, annexing thereto his or her certificate, giving the number and title of the ordinance, stating that the ordinance was published and posted according to the law and that the record is a true and correct copy thereof. The record copy with the clerk’s certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the contents of the ordinance and of its passage and publication, and shall be admissible as such evidence in any court or proceeding.

B. The city clerk shall be custodian of the seal of the city, and have authority to acknowledge the execution of all instruments by the city which require acknowledgment.

C. The city clerk may, with the approval of the mayor, designate a deputy for whose acts he/she and his/her deputy shall have authority to take all necessary affidavits and claims against the city and certify them without charge.

D. The city clerk shall perform such other duties as may be now or hereinafter required by statute, ordinance, resolution or other directive of the mayor and/or the city council. (Ord. 15-445 § 1; Ord. 96-04 § 2).

2.15.030 Compensation.

The city clerk shall receive such salary and in such amounts as the council may, from time to time, establish by ordinance and as fixed by the city’s annual budget. (Ord. 15-445 § 1; Ord. 96-04 § 3).