Chapter 2.31


2.31.010    Created – Membership.

2.31.020    Appointment of members – Terms.

2.31.030    Powers.

2.31.040    Organization.

2.31.050    Summary preparation.

2.31.060    Removal and vacancies.

2.31.010 Created – Membership.

A parks and recreation advisory board (board), consisting of seven members who are residents of the city of Edgewood, has been established. The city council shall seek a diverse membership that includes residents from each geographic region of the city. (Ord. 08-304 § 2; Ord. 06-272 § 1).

2.31.020 Appointment of members – Terms.

A. Members of the newly established seven-member board shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council, in accordance with the process set forth in the Council Rules of Procedure, by position number, and shall serve staggered terms as follows: positions one through three will initially serve a three-year term expiring on September 30, 2009, with two-year terms being assigned thereafter, and positions four through seven will be assigned two-year terms expiring on September 30, 2008, with two-year terms being assigned thereafter, in order to create staggered terms of overall membership.

B. Future members and reappointments shall be selected and made in accordance with the Council Rules of Procedure.

C. The parks and recreation advisory board shall serve the city council as an advisory body with power to recommend policy to the council. The board shall not take binding action on behalf of the city. (Ord. 18-531 § 3; Ord. 08-304 § 3; Ord. 06-272 § 1).

2.31.030 Powers.

The parks and recreation advisory board of the city shall have the following duties:

A. The board shall study the recreation needs of the citizens of Edgewood and make recommendations to the council concerning those needs. In that regard the board shall:

1. Acquaint itself with the recreation needs of the citizens of Edgewood;

2. Evaluate existing programs, activities and facilities in relation to current and projected recreation needs of Edgewood residents;

3. Recommend programs and activities to meet the needs of all segments of the population;

4. Strengthen coordination for recreation programs between agencies, including but not limited to coordination with the school districts serving Edgewood;

5. Encourage and stimulate citizens to become involved in neighborhood and civic activities;

6. Research and recommend the development of newly acquired and undeveloped park properties within the Edgewood city limits; and

7. Consider the needs of plant and animal life during open space and park planning activities;

B. The board shall periodically have the responsibility of advising and making recommendations to the appropriate staff for the beautification, improvement, management and control of all parks and recreation grounds, facilities, and open space;

C. The board shall periodically review whether the lands being used for park and recreation purposes are adequate, and shall recommend to the city council what additional lands and grounds should be acquired and used for park and recreation purposes and long-range capital budget necessary to support the recommendations;

D. Review, discuss and analyze such products and projects as may be referred to the board by the council;

E. The board shall, on a regular basis, be available for citizens’ input concerning any matter which the board is considering or may consider;

F. The board shall make recommendations to the council regarding adoption of or amendments to the parks, open space and recreation element of the comprehensive plan. (Ord. 06-272 § 1).

2.31.040 Organization.

A. City staff will be assigned as deemed necessary by the mayor in support of the board.

B. The mayor may appoint a chair and vice chair from the membership or choose to allow the board to elect them from its members. The chair and vice chair terms of office shall be for one year beginning October 1st and ending September 30th. The elected vice chair shall preside in the absence of the chair. The chair and vice chair shall be voting members of the board. The mayor may create and fill other such offices as is determined necessary.

C. At least once each year, the board shall meet with the council at a joint study session to discuss the board’s work plan for the coming year and other issues of general interest.

D. The board shall adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary for the conduct of its business, including rules of procedure.

E. A simple majority of board members shall represent a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority vote of those present shall be necessary to carry any proposition.

F. The board shall conduct meetings in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, and shall, whenever possible, keep an audio recording and/or written record of its meetings, business transactions, findings and determinations.

G. The board chair shall provide monthly reports to the city council at the second regular council meeting of the month. (Ord. 15-447 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 06-272 § 1).

2.31.050 Summary preparation.

A. A sufficient record must be kept to furnish evidence that the parks and recreation board has complied with the rules by which it is governed.

B. Summaries shall show exactly what actions were taken and decisions made at the board meeting(s). The following is a list of information to be included in the summaries:

1. Date of meeting;

2. Location of meeting;

3. Type of meeting (regular, continued, public hearing, etc.);

4. Time of meeting;

5. Time meeting commenced;

6. Officials/members present*;

7. Officials/members absent or excused*;

8. Topics of business;

9. Actions taken on each business matter;

10. Record of motions;

11. Record of voting;

12. Date and time of next scheduled meeting; and

13. Time of adjournment.

*If a board member leaves during a meeting, note time of departure and time of return, if applicable. If a board member arrives after commencement of the meeting, note time of arrival.

C. Standard Format. Use of standardized format to create uniformity of summary entries and to save time in composing the record shall be developed by the city clerk. Composition of the meeting summaries shall require the input of only specifics, such as verbiage of motions made, maker of motions and second, and results of voting. Other statements, discussion, and remarks of individual commissioners and commentators will not be noted in the summaries. Written statements may be submitted to the city clerk and will be retained in the appropriate meeting file.

D. Summaries of each meeting will be prepared by staff, approved by the board, and placed on the council consent agenda for approval. (Ord. 06-272 § 1).

2.31.060 Removal and vacancies.

The city council may remove any appointed member of the board. The board may, by a vote in favor thereof by a majority of its members, recommend to the city council removal of an appointed member upon such grounds as inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office. Three consecutive unexcused absences by any board member from both regular and special meetings shall constitute grounds for removal. Attendance of any board member that falls below 80 percent due to unexcused absences during any 12-month period shall also be grounds for removal. Any board member may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the city clerk. Vacancies occurring other than by expiration of term shall be filled for the unexpired term in the manner used for regular appointment to the board. (Ord. 06-272 § 1).