Chapter 11.65


11.65.010  Civil infractions.

11.65.020  Failure to connect.

11.65.030  Disconnection of side sewer.

11.65.040  City of Tacoma.

11.65.050  Criminal violations.

11.65.010 Civil infractions.

The following actions shall be separate civil infractions of this code, which shall be enforceable pursuant to Chapter 1.10 EMC, General Penalty:

A. Violation of any of the conditions of the connection permit and agreement.

B. Tampering with, disturbing, removing, damaging, or destroying any part of the city's sewer system.

C. Connecting more than one building to a side sewer without written approval from the director.

D. Connecting pipes carrying surface water or groundwater to a side sewer or a plumbing system that drains to the side sewer.

E. Failure to meet the requirements of EMC 11.45.020 before connecting to an existing side sewer.

F. Connecting a septic tank or drain field discharge line to the sewer system.

G. Failure to connect to the sewer when required under regulations contained in this title. The penalty shall be as provided in EMC 11.65.020.

H. Discharging any material into a manhole or cleanout without a written permit from the director.

I. Discharging prohibited materials into the sewer system.

J. Discharging wastewater to other than a sewer or septic tank or other device that has been approved by the Tacoma-Pierce County health department.

K. Discharging wastewater or septic tank effluent to any storm drain, natural outlet, or upon the land within the city.

L. Installing a sewer line within 10 feet of a water line, except as provided in EMC 11.35.020.

M. Construction or planting within an easement in violation of EMC 11.35.060.

N. Obstruction of city access to or within an easement.

O. Incorporating materials or equipment in a public works or system extension project not meeting the requirements of the agreement, project specifications, or Design and Construction Standards.

P. Providing false information in application for a sewer system connection, system extension, record drawing, or on any other document or application related to the sewer utility.

Q. Failure to install a grease, oil, and sand interceptor when so required by this title.

R. Failure to maintain a grease, oil, and sand interceptor as required in EMC 11.50.090.

S. Adding, injecting or placing emulsifiers, enzymes, or other additives to the sewer system or to wastewater that will be discharged into the sewer system that have not been approved in writing by the director and the city of Tacoma.

T. Failure to permit access for inspections during normal business hours or obstructing a city inspector while attempting to make an inspection.

U. Constructing, maintaining, or discharging wastewater into a privy, privy vault, or cesspool.

V. Failure to meet the requirements of EMC 11.55.070 when providing or being required to provide temporary portable toilets.

W. Failure to meet the requirements of Chapter 11.50 EMC, Discharges to the Sewer. (Ord. 06-271 § 1).

11.65.020 Failure to connect.

If a property is required and fails to connect to the sewer system pursuant to EMC 11.40.010(A) or (B), the owner shall be required to pay a penalty equal to normal monthly charges pursuant to RCW 35.67.190. All other properties failing to connect, as required, shall be subject to penalties as otherwise may be set by the council. (Ord. 06-271 § 1).

11.65.030 Disconnection of side sewer.

If a side sewer to a property is discharging prohibited materials, as defined in Chapter 11.50 EMC, to the city sewer system, and the owner of that property does not immediately stop such discharge following such notice, in addition to penalties provided for above, the city shall block or disconnect the side sewer to the property of such owner.

Monthly charges for sewer service shall continue unless the owner voluntarily relinquishes his connection pursuant to EMC 11.40.100. The owner shall pay the costs for such disconnection and reconnection, if any, as shall be set by ordinance of the council. (Ord. 06-271 § 1).

11.65.040 City of Tacoma.

In addition to the civil infractions and penalties provided for above, Chapter 11.50 EMC shall be administered, its regulations enforced, and penalties imposed, as set forth in the Tacoma Municipal Code, by the city of Tacoma. (Ord. 06-271 § 1).

11.65.050 Criminal violations.

A. It is unlawful and a misdemeanor to make or cause to be made or to maintain any sewer connection with any sewer of the city, or with any sewer which is connected directly or indirectly with any sewer of the city, without obtaining a permit and paying the connection charge (RCW 35.67.350).

B. Any person who commits civil infractions listed in EMC 11.65.010(B), (F), (H), (I), (J), (K), (P), (S), or (T) shall also be guilty of a misdemeanor and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $5,000 or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year, or by both fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 06-271 § 1).