Chapter 1.02


1.02.010    Adoption of optional municipal code.

1.02.020    Effective date.

1.02.030    City council positions.

1.02.031    Council president.

1.02.035    Filling vacant council positions.

1.02.040    Existing city laws and regulations.

1.02.060    Mid-biennial budget review and modification.

1.02.010 Adoption of optional municipal code.

There is adopted for the city of Edmonds, Washington, the classification of noncharter code city retaining the mayor-council plan of government under which the city of Edmonds is presently operated, as provided in Chapter 35A.12 RCW, endowed with all the applicable rights, powers, privileges, duties and obligations of a noncharter code city as the same now exists, or may be provided hereafter, including any and all supplements, amendments or other modifications of said title hereafter at any time enacted. [Ord. 1513, 1970].

1.02.020 Effective date.

The city clerk is authorized and directed to forward to the secretary of state a certified copy of the ordinance codified herein for filing pursuant to RCW 35A.02.040, as amended, on the thirty-first day of December, 1970, and upon which filing the city of Edmonds shall thereafter be classified as a noncharter city as herein provided commencing with the first day of January, 1971. [Ord. 1513, 1970].

1.02.030 City council positions.

The city council shall continue to hold office until their successors are elected and qualified at the next biennial municipal elections to be conducted as provided in Chapter 35A.29 RCW. The four existing city council positions which terms will expire January 10, 1972, shall be elected for four-year terms in the 1971 municipal elections. The three existing city council positions which terms expire January 14, 1974, shall be elected for new four-year terms in the 1973 municipal elections. Thereafter the requisite number of city council positions shall be filled by election biennially as the terms of their predecessors expire and shall serve for terms of four years. The positions to be filled on the city council shall be designated by consecutive numbers and shall be dealt with as separate offices for all election purposes as provided by Chapter 35A.29 RCW. [Ord. 1513, 1970].

1.02.031 Council president.

The council president shall be elected for a one-year term by the city council at the first council meeting of each year and shall serve until his or her successor is elected at the first council meeting of the next year; provided, that, in years when the composition of the city council will not change in the forthcoming year, either because it was not an election year or because all incumbents were reelected, the council president for the forthcoming year may be elected at the last meeting of the year preceding the start of the president’s term, in which case the president’s term shall begin on January 1st of the forthcoming year.

A. At the same meeting that the council president is elected, the city council shall elect a council president pro tempore who shall serve in the absence of the council president. In the event that both the council president and president pro tempore are unavailable, the council president shall appoint a member of the council to fulfill his/her duties while both are unavailable.

B. In addition to any other duties assigned by the city council, the council president shall have the following responsibilities:

1. Assign members of the city council as members and liaisons to boards, commissions, and committees, and otherwise supervise the committee system;

2. Formulate and prepare the agenda for city council meetings; and

3. Supervise and direct the activities of any staff whose primary responsibility is to support the city council.

C. In addition to the salary as a member of the city council, the council president shall be entitled to receive additional compensation not to exceed $200.00 per month. [Ord. 4090 § 1, 2017; Ord. 4004 § 2, 2015; Ord. 2722, 1989; Ord. 2389, 1983; Ord. 2308, 1982; Ord. 2131 § 1, 1980; Ord. 2126 § 1, 1980; Ord. 2116 § 1, 1980].

1.02.035 Filling vacant council positions.

A. In the event a vacancy or vacancies shall occur on the city council, such position(s) shall be filled until a successor to such position(s) can be elected for the remainder of the unexpired term(s) at the next municipal election. Such election process shall comply with the requirements of RCW 35A.12.050 and Chapter 42.12 RCW. In addition the city council shall establish a process commensurate with the time available which includes, at a minimum, public notification by posting and publication in the city’s legal newspaper, the establishment of an application process with a clearly stated deadline for the submission of letters of interest, the development of questionnaires to assist the city council in its process, a public interview process conducted by the city council and nominations and selection by the city council during an open public meeting. All portions of this process shall be open to the public unless the city council in its discretion elects to discuss the qualifications of a candidate for public office in executive session as provided for by RCW 42.30.110(h).

B. In the event that a council member shall resign or otherwise become ineligible to hold office after the date when the council position has been filled by election but prior to the date on which the newly elected council member is eligible to take office, the city council may in its sole discretion elect to dispense with the procedures established in subsection A of this section and appoint the newly elected successor to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term. [Ord. 3382 § 1, 2001; Ord. 3005 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1841 § 2, 1976].

1.02.040 Existing city laws and regulations.

All ordinances, resolutions and orders adopted under the third class city classification, where not in conflict with state law, shall continue in force until repealed or amended by the city council under the newly adopted optional municipal code classification of noncharter code city under the mayor-council form of government. [Ord. 1513, 1970].

1.02.060 Mid-biennial budget review and modification.

A review of the mid-biennial budget shall commence no sooner than eight months after the start nor later than conclusion of the first year of the fiscal biennium. The mayor shall prepare the proposed budget modification and shall provide for publication of notice of hearings consistent with publication of notices for adoption of other city ordinances. Public hearings on the proposed budget modification shall be heard prior to the adoption of the ordinance modifying the biennial budget. At least seven days before said hearings, the mayor shall distribute the proposed budget modification to members of the city council, with copies available to the public at City Hall. [Ord. 3671 § 1, 2007].