Chapter 1.03


1.03.010    Designation of official newspaper.

1.03.020    Posting of notices.

1.03.030    Publication – Effective date of ordinances.

1.03.040    Affidavit of publication.

1.03.010 Designation of official newspaper.

The Everett Herald is hereby designated as the city’s official newspaper for the purpose of publishing ordinances and notices required by law to be published. [Ord. 2511, 1985].

1.03.020 Posting of notices.

Where allowed by law, the posting of notices required to be posted by any provision of this code or any applicable state law shall be at the following three public places, all of which are hereby designated as the official posting places for city notices:

A. Public bulletin board in the Edmonds Civic Center, 250 Fifth Avenue North, Edmonds, Washington, 98020;

B. Public bulletin board in the Edmonds Public Library, 650 Main Street, Edmonds, Washington, 98020; and

C. Public bulletin board, Edmonds branch of the United States Post Office, 201 Main Street, Edmonds, Washington, 98020. [Ord. 2511, 1985; Ord. 2448, 1984].

1.03.030 Publication – Effective date of ordinances.

Promptly after adoption, every ordinance of the city of Edmonds shall be published at least in the official newspaper of the city; provided, that the city reserves the right to publish ordinance summaries as authorized by law. The effective date of ordinances published pursuant to this section shall be five days after the date of publication, unless otherwise provided by statute, except that an ordinance passed by a majority plus one of the whole membership of the city council, designated therein as a public emergency ordinance necessary for the protection of the public health, public safety, public property or the public peace, may be made effective upon adoption, but such ordinance may not levy taxes, grant, renew or extend a franchise or authorize the borrowing of money.

In the event that an ordinance is not published within 14 calendar days of adoption, the city council, by individual notice to each council member, shall be advised by the city clerk of the reason for the delay and the expected date of publication. [Ord. 3832 § 1, 2010; Ord. 2511, 1985].

1.03.040 Affidavit of publication.

The city clerk shall obtain from the official newspaper an affidavit of publication for each ordinance or notice required to be published therein, which affidavit shall state the date of publication. The affidavit of publication shall be attached to the ordinance and filed for record in the official ordinance book. The date of publication of the ordinance shall be set forth at the foot of the ordinance following the indicated date of passage by the city council. [Ord. 2511, 1985].