Chapter 2.37


2.37.010    Breaks.

2.37.010 Breaks.

A. Pursuant to the provisions of WAC 296-126-001(4), the city of Edmonds hereby exempts its employees from the provisions of Chapter 296-126 WAC. By way of illustration and not limitation, the city’s employees shall not be governed by the provisions of WAC 296-126-092 relating to meal periods and rest periods.

B. This exemption shall be interpreted in accordance with the city’s bargaining obligations pursuant to the provisions of Washington law. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to abrogate past practice or to permit the alteration of any term or condition of employment which is a mandatory subject of bargaining, without notice to and, where appropriate, bargaining with the appropriate collective bargaining representatives. [Ord. 3447 § 1, 2003].