Chapter 3.01


3.01.010    Authority to sell.

3.01.020    Minimum price.

3.01.030    Call for bids – Notice.

3.01.040    Opening bids – Rejection.

3.01.050    Execution of instruments of conveyance.

3.01.060    Negotiated sale.

3.01.010 Authority to sell.

Whenever it shall appear to the city council that it is for the best interests of the city of Edmonds and the people thereof that any property, whether real, personal, or mixed, belonging to said city, should be sold, the city council may authorize the sale of such property. [Ord. 2171 § 2, 1980; Ord. 883 § 1, 1961].

3.01.020 Minimum price.

In authorizing the sale of such property, the city council shall set a minimum price at which the property may be sold. In setting the minimum price, the city council may first require an appraisal be made. The property may be sold upon competitive bids or on a negotiated basis, as the council may direct. [Ord. 2171 § 3, 1980].

3.01.030 Call for bids – Notice.

If the city council requires the property to be sold upon competitive bids, the city clerk shall give notice that the city will invite bids for purchase of the property by one publication thereof in a newspaper as may be determined by the city council, posting in a conspicuous place in the Edmonds civil center, and/or such other means as the council may direct, if any. The notice shall be posted and published at least 10 days before the date the bids are to be opened. [Ord. 2171 § 4, 1980].

3.01.040 Opening bids – Rejection.

The bids shall be opened in public at the time and place stated in the notice. The city council may reject any or all bids, or the bid for any one or more of the parcels, or item of property, real or personal, included in the aforesaid call for bids. [Ord. 2171 § 5, 1980; Ord. 883 § 5, 1961].

3.01.050 Execution of instruments of conveyance.

Upon receipt of an acceptable bid relating to said property, the council shall authorize the mayor or his/her designee to cause the necessary instruments to be prepared and execute such instruments. [Ord. 2171 § 6, 1980; Ord. 883 § 6, 1961].

3.01.060 Negotiated sale.

The city council may authorize the mayor or members of the city staff to negotiate for sale of city property upon such terms and conditions as the council shall set. [Ord. 2171 § 7, 1980; Ord. 883 § 7, 1961].