Chapter 10.03


10.03.010    Student representative authorized.

10.03.020    Qualifications.

10.03.030    Appointment process.

10.03.040    Term.

10.03.010 Student representative authorized.

Any board or commission that derives its authority from the ordinances codified in this title may appoint a high school or college student to participate as a nonvoting member of the board or commission. This person shall be known as a student representative. Student representatives may not attend executive sessions of the body to which they have been appointed. [Ord. 3890 § 1, 2012].

10.03.020 Qualifications.

Student representatives must be residents of the city of Edmonds, but they need not attend school in Edmonds. [Ord. 3890 § 1, 2012].

10.03.030 Appointment process.

Vacancies should be publicized on the city’s website and through outreach to local high schools and colleges when city resources allow for such publication and outreach. Each board or commission interested in appointing a student representative is authorized to prepare a short application form that is relevant to the charge of the board or commission. If more than one application is submitted, all applications shall be forwarded to the board or commission for consideration. After the applications have been considered, nominations shall be voted on by the board or commission in an open public meeting. [Ord. 3890 § 1, 2012].

10.03.040 Term.

Each student representative shall serve a one-year term that commences on September 1st of each year. Student representative attendance at board or commission meetings during the summer shall be optional and any absences during the summer shall be excused by the board or commission. A student representative may apply for reappointment to the same position for successive terms; provided, that the board or commission shall evaluate all applicants for the student representative position and any reappointment shall be voted on in an open public meeting. A student representative may be removed for cause prior to the end of the term on a super majority vote of the full board or commission. [Ord. 3890 § 1, 2012].