Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Establishment and purpose of commission – Number of members.

10.20.020    Terms of membership.

10.20.030    Officers of commission – Meetings – Quorum.

10.20.040    Powers and duties.

10.20.050    Juried selection process.

10.20.010 Establishment and purpose of commission – Number of members.

A. The purpose of the Edmonds arts commission is to promote the arts as an integral part of community life. The commission provides quality experiences to increase public awareness of the arts, assisting the work of students, artists and local arts organizations, while providing public art that contributes to the community identity and establishing and pursuing long range goals to benefit the arts and the community.

B. There is established an Edmonds civic arts commission which shall be composed of seven members who shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city council. All members of the commission shall be residents of the Edmonds community. At least four members of the commission shall be involved in the instruction of, or otherwise professionally engaged in, the visual, literary and/or performing arts. [Ord. 3626 § 1, 2007; Ord. 3025 § 1, 1995].

10.20.020 Terms of membership.

A. In order to ensure the fewest terms will expire in any one year, the terms of the appointed positions by position number shall expire on December 31st of the year set opposite said position number as follows:

Position No. 1: 1979;

Position No. 2: 1980;

Position No. 3: 1980;

Position No. 4: 1981;

Position No. 5: 1981;

Position No. 6: 1978;

Position No. 7: 1979.

Thereafter, the term of membership shall be for four years.

B. Any appointment to a position vacated other than by the expiration of the term of the appointment shall be to fill the unexpired portion of the term. Members may be removed by the mayor with approval of the city council after a public hearing before the city council for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office. Members shall be removed for failure to maintain attendance as required by provisions of the Edmonds City Code.

C. No person shall be appointed to serve more than two full consecutive terms on the commission. An appointment to fill a vacancy for an unexpired term shall not constitute a full term for the purposes of this section. A vacancy for an unexpired term shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. [Ord. 3626 § 2, 2007; Ord. 3025 § 1, 1995].

10.20.030 Officers of commission – Meetings – Quorum.

Members of the commission shall meet and organize by electing from the members of the commission a chairman and a vice-chairman, and such other officers as may be determined by the commission. It shall be the duty of the chairman to preside at all meetings. The vice-chairman shall perform this duty in the absence of the chairman. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The commission shall set its own meeting dates and shall give notice of such meeting in compliance with the Open Public Meeting Act of the state of Washington, as it now exists and as it may be amended from time to time. Professional and general staff will be provided at the discretion of the mayor and city council. [Ord. 3025 § 1, 1995].

10.20.040 Powers and duties.

The commission is empowered to advise and make recommendations to the mayor, city council or other commission or board of the city on matters including but not limited to those set forth hereinafter. The activities of the commission shall include the following:

A. To represent the city’s interest in art matters and the interest of the arts in city matters and to keep the mayor and city council informed on all such related matters;

B. To be a central body to whom art organizations, artists and anyone interested in cultural advancement of the community may come for information or assistance;

C. To encourage and aid programs for cultural enrichment of Edmonds citizens;

D. To coordinate and strengthen existing cultural organizations and to develop cooperation with schools and regional and national art organizations;

E. To explore ways and implement methods of obtaining financial support through development of private, local, state and federal funds and establishing public/private partnerships to promote cultural projects within the community;

F. To review and make recommendations on all art acquisitions, on facilities used for cultural events and other capital expenditures for cultural projects in the city;

G. To review proposed arts-related projects or events to recommend to the city those which may provide benefit to the community;

H. To explore and promote arts-related projects, events and businesses which may provide an economic benefit to the city or which beautify and enhance the image of the city;

I. To engage in long range cultural planning and implementation as well as review city plans for the purpose of integration of arts elements into city planning including education, public finance, community services, etc.;

J. To establish liaisons and set up mechanisms for communication with city boards and commission and other organizations as appropriate;

K. To recognize the contributions made by individuals and organizations to the cultural life of the city;

L. To provide periodic reports to the mayor and council on the progress of the work plan and prepare and submit an annual report;

M. To render any other advice and assistant in cultural matters, aesthetics, and beautification; and

N. To render any other advice and assistance to the city in any other artistic activities as may be referred to by the city. [Ord. 3025 § 1, 1995].

10.20.050 Juried selection process.

The following process has been developed in order to utilize the expertise of the commission, acting in conjunction with a representative of the architectural design board on architectural elements of public buildings, and with the comments of the public in order to develop a recommendation to the Edmonds city council regarding contracts for significant works of public art and all public arts projects, whether freestanding or erected as a part of a design component of a public building, which are visible from public ways or adjacent private property. The commission in the exercise of its powers shall utilize at least the following elements in the selection process:

A. Develop a prospectus for announcing perspective purchases of or commissions for public art. Such a prospectus shall be submitted and finally approved by the city council prior to publication.

B. Obtain proposals through appropriate public advertisements and direct mailings to artists of note. The advertisement need not be confined to the city’s official newspaper. Rather the commission may utilize other magazines and newsletters which are better designed to reach the artistic community, and particularly artists whose work is compatible with the type of work contemplated by the commission and approved by the city council.

C. The commission shall establish a jury to select finalists from among the members of the commission. The jury shall also include a representative of the architectural design board when appropriate to comment on architectural elements of public buildings, the city council and the public.

D. The finalists for any project shall be presented at a public hearing before the jury. The public shall be heard in conjunction with the presentation of the finalists’ proposals. Notice of the hearing shall be posted at the site and the locations designated by ordinance for the posting of official city notices. Posting shall be performed by the city clerk or the clerk’s designee. A public hearing on an art work or design component of a public facility which is visible from a public way or adjacent private property shall also direct written notice of the hearing to the owners of private property within 300 feet of the site selected for the erection of the work.

E. The jury through the commission shall make its recommendation to the city council in writing and present the artist and proposed work of art to the city council at a public hearing. Notice of the hearing shall be provided as set forth in subsection (D) of this section. [Ord. 3025 § 1, 1995].


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