Chapter 18.50


18.50.000    Purpose.

18.50.010    Street map adopted.

18.50.020    Effect.

18.50.030    Changes.

18.50.000 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to:

A. Implement the comprehensive street plan.

B. Regulate the construction of improvements which could prevent the implementation of the comprehensive street plan.

18.50.010 Street map adopted.

That certain collection of maps, which is on file with the director of public works, entitled Official Street Map of Edmonds – 1980, is adopted by this reference as if set forth in full in this chapter. All prior official street and thoroughfare maps and plans previously adopted by the city are hereby readopted and affirmed, unless expressly repealed as to any particular street or thoroughfare. In the event a prior map or plan is in conflict with one adopted subsequent in time, the most recent shall prevail. Changes shall be by ordinance, attested to by the mayor and city clerk on the affected map. Dedications may be entered on the map without an ordinance after the city council has accepted the dedication.

18.50.020 Effect.

A. Property Fronting on Street. No permit shall be issued or improvement built within an existing or proposed right-of-way shown on the official street map. Required setbacks and yard or other open space requirements shall be measured from the existing or proposed right-of-way as shown on the official street map.

B. Property Not on Street. No building permit shall be issued to property not fronting on an improved street shown on the official street map unless the property fronts on an access easement approved by the city through the subdivision procedure of Chapter 20.75 ECDC.

C. Dedication Presumption and Requirement. Applicants for a subdivision, a planned residential development (PRD), a building permit or other form of development permit shall be presumed to create development impacts upon the street and transportation system of the city, if the applicant’s property abuts street right-of-way which has not been dedicated to public use or otherwise acquired at the width established by the plan lines adopted by the official street map.

1. Such presumed developmental impacts shall, in addition to other mitigation measures which may be required as a result of the SEPA process, conditional use approval or other city review procedures, be mitigated by the dedication of such right-of-way to the city and to public use; provided, however, that the total of all mitigation measures shall not exceed the development impacts of any development.

2. In the event that any applicant believes that the dedication requirement is in excess of that required to mitigate the applicant’s actual development impacts, the applicant may appeal the staff decision to the hearing examiner as if it were a Type II decision in accordance with Chapter 20.06 ECDC. On appeal a dedication shall be required only if:

a. A nexus or connection can be established between the development impacts of the applicant and the proposed dedication; and

b. The value of the property proposed for dedication and all other required or proposed mitigation measures are not in excess of the impacts created by development. In the event that the value of property proposed for dedication is in excess of the developmental impacts, the dedication may be reduced to the level of costs necessary to ameliorate actual developmental impacts, the city council may at its sole option pay the difference, or the dedication requirement shall be waived. [Ord. 3736 § 29, 2009; Ord. 2695, 1988].

18.50.030 Changes.

Changes shall be processed as provided in Chapter 20.65 ECDC, except that proposals for changes in street names will be heard and voted upon by the city council. The proposal for the street name change will be placed on the agenda for the city council meeting and heard according to the city council’s established procedures. [Ord. 2754 § 1, 1990].