Chapter 20.18


20.18.010    Purpose.

20.18.020    Pre-establishment operating plan.

20.18.030    Complaint procedures and facilitated meeting.

20.18.040    Neighborhood mediation.

20.18.050    Civil enforcement procedure.

20.18.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide an informational process supplemental to state licensing and regulatory procedures to inform the citizens of residential neighborhoods when group homes are established and operated within their boundaries. [Ord. 3184 § 3, 1998].

20.18.020 Pre-establishment operating plan.

A. As a prerequisite to the primary use established by ECDC 16.30.010(A)(4) a group home (facility) shall provide an operating statement to the director of community services 30 days prior to the date on which it plans to commence operations. “Commence operations” shall mean the first day during which it receives a client for residence at the facility.

B. Operating Plan. The operating plan shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. A complete description of the facilities, its clients, staff and operating structure, its proposed operating conditions and the terms and conditions of any state license required for its operation.

2. A statement regarding how the proposed facility furthers the purposes and guidelines of the county-wide planning policies promulgated by Snohomish County and the comprehensive plan of the city of Edmonds.

3. A financial statement and staffing plan for the proposed facility, including but not limited to the manner and method by which clients are referred to, accepted to and/or ordered to take up residence at the facility.

4. The addressed of each funding, licensing or operating entity involved in the operation.

5. City business license and fire inspection.

C. The director of community services shall review the statement for accuracy, completeness and objectivity before releasing it to the public. An informational meeting shall be scheduled 20 days after the director of community services provides written notification to persons residing within 300 feet of the facility of the availability of the statement for review by the public. Such informational meeting shall be held at the convenience of the neighborhood in a location convenient to its residents.

D. Information Meeting. The director of community services (or his or her designee) shall conduct the informational meeting with a representative of the group home and the residents of the neighborhood. Notices of the meeting and an invitation to attend it shall be provided to all entities shown on the operating plan as providing substantial contributions to the group home or licensing its operations. The director of community services shall make every effort to encourage the attendance of such funding and licensing representatives.

E. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to prohibit a group home from enjoying its primary permitted use rights vested under this code. [Ord. 3184 § 3, 1998].

20.18.030 Complaint procedures and facilitated meeting.

In the event that the city received complaints of persons residing at three or more residences located within 300 feet of the facility, the director of community services shall schedule a public meeting under the notice procedures of the preceding section, making every reasonable effort to secure the attendance of those entities shown as licensing and funding the group home under its operating plan. The meeting shall be conducted as a community service by the city to facilitate the understanding of the community regarding the operations of the facility and to provide a convenient forum for members of the neighborhood in which the group home is located to express their concerns regarding its maintenance, upkeep, or operations to the appropriate operating, funding and licensing entities. The city’s role shall be to facilitate the sharing of information and nothing herein shall be interpreted as authorization to block the entry of a properly licensed state facility into a neighborhood; provided, however, that halfway houses are not permitted uses in any residential zone of the city and these provisions are not a limitation of the city’s other zoning powers with regard to such halfway houses. [Ord. 3184 § 3, 1998].

20.18.040 Neighborhood mediation.

Operators of group homes and members of neighborhoods are encouraged to utilize the offices of Snohomish County neighborhood dispute resolution center in the event that reasonable dialogue between neighbors and facilities cannot resolve the problems inherent in or attendant to their operation. [Ord. 3184 § 3, 1998].

20.18.050 Civil enforcement procedure.

Failure to file a pre-establishment plan as provided in ECDC 20.18.020 shall be a civil violation subject to enforcement pursuant to Chapter 20.110 ECDC. [Ord. 3184 § 3, 1998].