Chapter 21.20


21.20.010    Day-care facility.

21.20.020    Dedication.

21.20.030    Domestic animal.

21.20.035    Dock.

21.20.040    Drive-in business.

21.20.050    Dwelling unit.

21.20.010 Day-care facility.

The following definitions shall apply to the various day-care facilities allowed in the different zone districts:

A. Family Day-Care Home: A residence used for the care of children under the age of 12 located in the family dwelling of the person or persons under whose direct care the child or children are placed, accommodating 12 or fewer children, such numbers to include those members of the resident family who are under the age of 12 years old and are cared for within the day-care facility. This definition shall apply regardless of whether the care is provided for compensation.

B. Day-Care Center: A building or portion thereof used for the care of children under the age of 12 located in a facility which accommodates 13 or more children regardless of whether such services are provided for compensation.

C. Adult Care: The definitions of family day-care home and day-care center shall also include facilities designed for the care of disabled persons, and persons over the age of 65 years during normal working hours (“adult care”). The expansion of the definition is intended to permit neighborhood oriented facilities which provide services to the disabled and elderly while their adult children or other family care givers are at work. This definition shall be applied in a way which permits day-care facilities for adult care to operate under the same terms and conditions as day-care facilities for children. This definition shall not include facilities such as halfway houses, treatment centers, counseling centers, or other businesses which offer medical services, treatment or counseling to the disabled; these business uses shall be located only in the appropriate commercial zones. [Ord. 3453 § 4, 2003; Ord. 2458 § 4, 1984].

21.20.020 Dedication.

Dedication means the gift of land by an owner for any public use.

21.20.030 Domestic animal.

Domestic animal means one normally kept incidental to a single-family dwelling. Included are dogs and cats; excluded are wild or exotic animals, horses and cows, chickens, goats, or other similar animals.

21.20.035 Dock.

Dock means a structure designed to float upon the water, and which is attached to shoreline and is used for moorage or other water- related activity such as swimming or diving. [Ord. 2605 § 3, 1987].

21.20.040 Drive-in business.

A drive-in business means a business or portion of a business where a consumer is permitted or encouraged either by the design of physical facilities or by the provisions of services and/or packaging procedures, to carry on business while seated in a motor vehicle. In some instances, such as self-service gasoline stations, customers may need to get out of their vehicle in order to obtain the product or service. This definition shall include but not be limited to service stations, car washes, and drive-in restaurants or banks. [Ord. 2660 § 5, 1988].

21.20.050 Dwelling unit.

Dwelling unit means a building providing complete housekeeping facilities for one family. Dwelling unit does not include recreation vehicles or mobile homes. (See also, Multiple Dwelling Units and Family.)