Chapter 6.55


6.55.040    Referendum petition.

6.55.080    Validation of petition.

6.55.120    Exclusive procedure.

6.55.040 Referendum petition.

A referendum petition may be filed within seven days of the passage of an ordinance or its effective date, whichever is later, increasing the rate of any business and occupation tax imposed by the city of Ellensburg. Said referendum petition shall be filed with the city clerk. Within 10 days after the passage of the ordinance or its effective date, whichever is later, the city clerk shall confer with the petitioner concerning form and style of the petition, issue a petition identification number, and secure an accurate, concise and positive ballot title from the designated local official as prescribed by law. [Ord. 3475 § 1, 1985.]

6.55.080 Validation of petition.

The petitioner shall have 30 days in which to secure the signatures of not less than 15 percent of the registered voters of the city, as of the last municipal general election, upon petition forms which contain the ballot title and full text of the measure to be referred. The city clerk shall verify the sufficiency of the signatures on the petition and, if sufficient valid signatures are properly submitted, shall certify the referendum measure to the next election ballot within the city or at a special election ballot as provided pursuant to RCW 35.17.260(2). [Ord. 3475 § 1, 1985.]

6.55.120 Exclusive procedure.

This referendum procedure shall be exclusive in all instances for any city ordinance imposing a business and occupation tax or increasing the rate of the tax. The effective date of any ordinance so passed shall be stayed upon the filing of a petition pursuant to this chapter until either the referendum election or until the time for validating said petition authorized by this chapter has expired without the petition being validated as required by this chapter. [Ord. 3475 § 1, 1985.]