Division IV. Community Design

Chapter 15.400


15.400.010    Purpose.

15.400.020    Applicability and compliance.

15.400.030    How the provisions of this division are applied.

15.400.010 Purpose.

This division was authorized by the city council as a major implementation tool of Ellensburg’s comprehensive plan. Overall, this division intends to:

A.    Provide clear objectives for those embarking on the planning and design of development projects in Ellensburg;

B.    Preserve and protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Ellensburg;

C.    Promote and accomplish the goals, policies, and objectives of the Ellensburg comprehensive plan;

D.    Provide a summary of streetscape design standards;

E.    Provide standards for the layout of streets and subdivisions;

F.    Upgrade the character and visual appearance of Ellensburg;

G.    Promote increased pedestrian, bicycling, and transit use throughout the city; and

H.    Promote compact and energy efficient development patterns throughout Ellensburg. [Ord. 4656 § 1 (Exh. O2), 2013.]

15.400.020 Applicability and compliance.

The community design provisions in this division generally apply to the following development within the city:

A.    All street improvements. See Section 3, Street Standards, of the city’s public works development standards for details on the types of developments that are subject to street improvements.

B.    All subdivisions, including binding site plans.

C.    All other development within the city. However, the provisions herein largely focus on large site development (where new street connections may be required with new development) or parks or design components of subdivisions.

These standards are intended to supplement other provisions of this title and other existing city codes applicable to developments. Where there is a conflict between the provisions of this division and other codes, the provisions herein shall apply. [Ord. 4656 § 1 (Exh. O2), 2013.]

15.400.030 How the provisions of this division are applied.

Most sections within the chapters herein include the following elements:

A.    Purpose statements, which are overarching objectives.

B.    Standards use words such as “shall,” “must,” and “is/are required,” signifying required actions.

C.    Guidelines use words such as “should” or “is/are recommended,” signifying voluntary measures.

D.    Departures are provided for specific standards. They allow alternative designs provided the reviewing authority determines the design meet the purpose of the standards and guidelines and other applicable criteria. See ECC 15.210.060 for related procedures associated with departures.

Furthermore, this division contains some specific standards that are easily quantifiable, while others provide a level of discretion in how they are complied with. In the latter case, the applicant must demonstrate to the director, in writing, how the project meets the purpose of the standard or standards. [Ord. 4656 § 1 (Exh. O2), 2013.]