Title 2


2.04    City Council

2.08    City Clerk-Treasurer

2.12    Officers

2.16    Planning Commission

2.20    Zoning Hearing Examiner

2.24    Library Board

2.28    Board of Park Commissioners

2.32    Volunteer Fire Department

2.36    Police Department--Reserve Force

2.44    Police Department--Civil Service Commission

2.45    Police Department--Criminal Investigations Fund

2.52    Municipal Court

2.56    Personnel Policies

2.60    Employee Salaries

2.61    Small Works Roster

2.62    Legal Defense for Officers and Employees

2.64    Lobbyists

2.72    Emergency Medical Services

2.76    Cemeteries

2.80    Emergency Services

2.84    Unclaimed Personal Property

2.88    Civil Service

2.92    Official Newspaper

2.96    Architectural and Engineering Services

2.98    Arts Commission

*    For statutory provisions authorizing the legislative bodies of code cities to define the functions, powers and duties of city officers and employees, see RCW 35A.11.020; for provisions concerning the mayor-council form of government in code cities, see RCW Ch. 35A.12; for provisions concerning code city officers, see RCW Ch. 35A.42.