Title 13


13.04    Water Supply System

13.08    Water Service Outside Corporate Limits

13.12    Sewer System--Operation and General Regulations

13.16    Sewer System--Delinquent Charges

13.20    Sewer System--Water Pollution Control Improvements--Repayment by Industrial Users

13.24    Payment of Charges

13.28    Potable Water Required for Habitation

13.32    Connection Fees

13.36    Public Water System

*    For statutory provisions concerning sewage systems, see RCW Ch. 35.67; for provisions concerning municipal water and sewer facilities, see RCW Ch. 35.91; for provisions authorizing any city to own and operate waterworks and sewage systems and to charge for same, see RCW Ch. 15.92; for provisions authorizing a code city to provide utilities see RCW 15A.80.010.