Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Position created.

2.08.020    Scope of authority.

2.08.030    Powers and duties.

2.08.040    Residency requirements.

2.08.050    Combination of offices.

2.08.010 Position created.

There is created the office of city administrator, which office shall be filled by the appointment of the mayor, subject to confirmation by a majority of the city council, to serve at the pleasure of the mayor. (Ord. 1197 § 1, 1977).

2.08.020 Scope of authority.

Under the direction and authority of the mayor the city administrator shall supervise, administer and coordinate the activities and functions of the various city officers, departments, commissions and boards in implementing the requirements of city ordinances and the policies of the city council; assure the effective and efficient utilization of city employees, funds, materials, facilities and time; and direct and control the overall operations of the city to assure optimum services to the community. (Ord. 1197 § 1, 1977).

2.08.030 Powers and duties.

The city administrator shall have the following powers and duties:

A. He shall plan and direct all administrative activities in the city, develop and implement internal policies and procedures, appraise the efficiency and effectiveness of city employees and take necessary actions to improve city operations.

B. He shall plan and prepare data for grants and/or funded programs and maintain or establish intergovernmental coordination related to available funding.

C. He shall provide timely and accurate advice to officials and the public on areas in a wide field of general city operations and account for the appropriate actions on behalf of the city to respond to such inquiries.

D. He shall act as the city representative in areas such as labor relations, intergovernmental relations, conferences, conventions and seminars related to improved city administration. He shall delegate responsibility as necessary to accomplish desired objectives.

E. He shall attend meetings of the city council, planning commission and their boards and commissions as necessary to coordinate and satisfy the administrative needs of the parties involved.

F. He shall act to resolve operational and administrative conflicts and problems, decide and implement alternate course(s) of action, formulate and administer policies, and otherwise make decisions to assure the maximum efficiency of the general operations of the city.

G. He shall prepare and submit to the mayor the annual budget and be responsible for its administration after adoption. (Ord. 1197 § 1, 1977).

2.08.040 Residency requirements.

The city administrator need not reside within the city. (Ord. 1197 § 1, 1977).

2.08.050 Combination of offices.

The office of city administrator may be combined with any other appointive position in the city; provided that where combined, the compensation shall be fixed by the council for the combined office and shall not necessarily be the total of the compensation fixed for each office individually. (Ord. 1197 § 1, 1977).