Chapter 2.34


2.34.010    Established.

2.34.020    Purpose.

2.34.030    Members.

2.34.040    Powers and duties.

2.34.050    Staff support.

2.34.010 Established.

There is hereby established a human services board. (Ord. 2055 § 1, 2000).

2.34.020 Purpose.

The purposes of the human services board are as follows:

There is created and established a human services board for the city. The objective is to provide guidance, direction and recommendations regarding human services issues that are of concern to the Enumclaw community and the surrounding Enumclaw park and recreational service area (PRSA). (Ord. 2055 § 2, 2000).

2.34.030 Members.

The membership of the human services board is as follows:

A. The board shall consist of seven members, at least four of whom shall be city residents.

B. Board members shall reflect a balance of interests and should include but not be limited to human services oriented organizations such as the senior center, youth center, outreach ministries, Enumclaw community hospital, Enumclaw school district, Enumclaw police and fire departments, civic organizations and clients of human services providers.

C. Appointments to the board shall be made by the mayor, subject to approval by the council. (Ord. 2055 § 3, 2000).

2.34.040 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties and responsibilities of the human services board shall be as follows:

A. The human services advisory board should assist and advise elected officials of the city in identifying the local social service needs and recommend priorities to meet those needs including but not limited to proposing programs, reviewing and evaluating existing programs, encouraging citizen participation, development of human services element for consideration of inclusion in the city’s comprehensive plan, and performing other assignments as referred to the board by the mayor or council as deemed appropriate.

B. The board shall establish, subject to approval of the mayor and council, necessary policies, goals, rules and regulations to conduct the activities of the human services advisory board. (Ord. 2055 § 4, 2000).

2.34.050 Staff support.

The staff support shall be as follows:

Administrative staff support shall be provided by the parks and recreation director or any other designee of the city administrator. Said staff support shall be responsible for the agenda packets, written records of the proceedings of the human services board, and such other support as necessary to enable the human services board to conduct business and carry out its duties and responsibilities. (Ord. 2055 § 5, 2000).