Chapter 2.70


2.70.010    Establishment.

2.70.020    Maintenance improvement.

2.70.030    Cemetery board.

2.70.040    Duties of cemetery board.

2.70.050    Sale of lots or niches.

2.70.060    Trust fund for endowment care.

2.70.070    Rules and penalties.

2.70.010 Establishment.

Enumclaw Evergreen Cemetery, hereinafter referred to as “cemetery” is established and owned by the city of Enumclaw and operated and maintained by an independent entity. (Ord. 2592 § 2, 2016).

2.70.020 Maintenance improvement.

The purpose and policy of the city is to maintain and improve either through its own personnel, or through private contractors, the cemetery as a public burial ground. (Ord. 2592 § 3, 2016).

2.70.030 Cemetery board.

There is hereby established a city cemetery board consisting of five members, all of whom shall be appointed by the mayor and shall hold office for a term of four years. The members of the board shall be residents within the Enumclaw School District boundary. (Ord. 2592 § 4, 2016).

2.70.040 Duties of cemetery board.

A. To oversee the operation and maintenance of the cemetery and report any discrepancies to the mayor or the city administrator.

B. To make recommendations on rules and regulations governing the cemetery with reference to monuments, headstones, markers, flowers, grass, trees and shrubs and/or buildings.

C. To make recommendations to the mayor or the city administrator on the maintenance, care, improvements, and operation of the cemetery. (Ord. 2592 § 5, 2016).

2.70.050 Sale of lots or niches.

A. Any persons owning lots or niches in the cemetery shall not be permitted to sell the lots or niches except to the city of Enumclaw. The city agrees to purchase the lot or niche at its original purchase price less the endowment care contribution.

B. Funds received from the sale of lots or niches and/or crypts will be paid to the cemetery operator who shall keep a record thereof and shall deposit 15 percent of the gross sales price to the city cemetery endowment care trust fund. (Ord. 2592 § 6, 2016).

2.70.060 Trust fund for endowment care.

There is hereby established a cemetery endowment care trust fund. Not less than 15 percent of the gross sales price of each lot and/or niche shall be deposited by the finance director in the endowment care trust fund.

Public donations, bequeaths and other funds received by the city for the purposes of the cemetery shall be deposited into the endowment care trust fund.

The endowment care trust fund shall be invested by the finance director in municipal, county, school, state or federal bonds, or the State Investment Pool.

The principal and interest in the endowment care trust fund shall be used for the future of maintenance of the cemetery that may be used for the construction of a mausoleum. Endowment care funds used for the construction of a mausoleum shall be reimbursed to the endowment care fund through the mausoleum sales. (Ord. 2592 § 7, 2016).

2.70.070 Rules and penalties.

A. It shall be unlawful to:

1. Willfully damage or destroy any tombstone, niche, monument, marker or willfully damage or destroy any of the cemetery property or deface any cemetery property; or

2. Permit any livestock within cemetery grounds.

Any person violating the above shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable as established under Chapter 1.08 EMC.

B. Any separate act or day of continued violation shall constitute a separate offense.

C. Possession or consumption of illegal drugs or intoxicating beverage within the cemetery constitutes a violation. (Ord. 2592 § 8, 2016).