Chapter 9.68


9.68.010    Injury to public utilities and public property.

9.68.020    Injury to property.

9.68.030    –

9.68.100    Statutes adopted.

9.68.010 Injury to public utilities and public property.

Every person is guilty of injury to public utilities and public property who willfully or maliciously removes, damages or destroys:

A. Any public street, highway, alley or private driveway; or who willfully or maliciously places or causes to be placed in or upon any such public street, highway, alley or private driveway, any substance or device dangerous to any person or animal traveling thereon, or which might injure or puncture the tire of any vehicle, or otherwise damage a vehicle; or

B. A telegraph, telephone, or electric transmission line, pole, or any part thereof, or any appurtenance thereto or apparatus connected with the operation thereof; or

C. A pipe or main for conducting water to any works erected for the purpose of supplying buildings with water, or any appurtenance or appendage thereto; or

D. A sewer or drain or any pipe or main connected thereto or forming a part thereof; or

E. Any equipment used by the fire department, or any other fire department within the city; or

F. Any schoolhouse, church or other public building whatsoever, or any useful or ornamental object thereon; or

G. Any public sign, notice, or warning, or traffic indicator; or

H. Any other public property, or property used by the general public within the city. (Ord. 1214 § 1, 1977; Ord. 29).

9.68.020 Injury to property.

Every person is guilty of injury to property who willfully, negligently, or maliciously:

A. Cuts down, girdles or otherwise injures fruit, shade or ornamental trees standing on the land of another or within any public street or highway; or

B. Digs, takes or carries away, without lawful authority or consent, from any lot or land of another or any street, alley or highway, any earth, soil or stone; or

C. Enters without the consent of the owner or occupant, any orchard, garden or vineyard, with intent to take, injure or destroy anything there grown or growing; or

D. Cuts or in any manner destroys or damages any shrub, tree, garden, lawn or other growing thing; or

E. Damages or defaces any building or part thereof or throws any stone or other missile at any building or part thereof; or

F. Unties, unfastens, or liberates, without authority, the horse or team of another; or to otherwise cause another’s horse, dog, cat, fowl, or other animals to run free within the city limits, even though such act of liberation may have occurred outside the city limits with consequent arrival of animals within the city;

G. Kills, maims, shoots at or disfigures any animal belonging to another or exposes any poisons or noxious substance with the intent that it should be taken by any animal; or

H. Places upon the property of another any sign advertising the business of the actor, or the actor’s principal without the express permission of the rightful owner; or

I. Otherwise damages any property of another with intent or criminal negligence, and not by excusable mistake. (Ord. 1214 § 1, 1977; Ord. 29).

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(Ord. 1214 § 1, 1977; Ord. 1184 § 1, 1976).