Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Issuance – Payment – Endorsement.

13.04.020    Redemption of warrants.

13.04.010 Issuance – Payment – Endorsement.

Warrants may be issued in payment of the costs and expenses of any local improvement within the city, and are payable out of the special fund in such local improvement district. The warrants when presented to the city treasurer for payment, and by him endorsed “Presented and not paid for want of funds,” bear interest at the rate of six percent per year from the date of such endorsement until redeemed or paid. (1958 Code § 4.12.010).

13.04.020 Redemption of warrants.

Warrants shall be redeemed either in cash or local improvement bonds authorized to be issued by general ordinance. (1958 Code § 4.12.020).