Title 15


15.02    Purpose

15.04    Definitions

15.06    General Provisions

15.08    Temporary Permits

15.10    Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Signs

15.12    Code Enforcement

15.13    Office of the Hearing Examiner

15.14    State Environmental Policy Act

15.16    Classification of Permits by Type

15.18    Type I Permit Procedure (SEPA Categorically Exempt Building, Clearing and Grading Permits, Sign Permits, Boundary Line Adjustments, Final Plats, Permit Type Classification, Temporary Use Permits, Miscellaneous Administrative Decisions)

15.20    Type II Permit Procedure (SEPA Nonexempt Building, Clearing and Grading Permits, Short Plats, Binding Site Plan, Procedural and Substantive SEPA Decisions, Critical Area Permits and Reasonable Use Exceptions)

15.22    Type III Permit Procedure (Variances, Conditional Use Permits)

15.24    Type IV Permit Procedure (Preliminary Plat, PUD, Site-Specific Rezones)

15.27    Diagrams of Types I through IV Processes

15.30    Provisions Relevant to All Permits

15.32    Legislative Actions

15.34    Variances

15.36    Shoreline Master Program