Chapter 19.22


19.22.010    Application.

19.22.020    Industrial and exterior lighting.

19.22.030    Inflammable material.

19.22.040    Shielding against mechanical and electrical interference.

19.22.050    Emission of obnoxious odors and dust.

19.22.060    Air pollution.

19.22.070    Smoke emission rates.

19.22.080    Solid and liquid waste.

19.22.090    Open storage.

19.22.010 Application.

Any dissemination incident to a permitted use shall comply with the standards established in this chapter. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.020 Industrial and exterior lighting.

Industrial and exterior lighting shall not be used in such a manner that produces glare on public highways and neighboring property. Arc welding, acetylene torch-cutting or similar processes shall be performed so as to not be seen from any point beyond the outside of the property. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.030 Inflammable material.

In terms of fire and safety hazards, the storage and handling of flammable liquids, liquefied petroleum, gases and explosives shall comply with rules and regulations falling under the jurisdiction of the city fire chief, the laws of the state and other local ordinances. (Ord. 1986 § 1, 1998; Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.040 Shielding against mechanical and electrical interference.

Provisions must be made for necessary shielding or other preventative measures against interferences occasioned by mechanical, electrical, electronic and nuclear equipment, uses or processes with electrical apparatus in nearby buildings or land uses. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.050 Emission of obnoxious odors and dust.

The emission of obnoxious odors of any kind is not permitted nor the emission of any toxic or corrosive fumes or gases. Dust created by an industrial operation shall not be exhausted or wasted into the air. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.060 Air pollution.

The emission of smoke or particulate matter of a density equal to or greater than number 3 on the Ringlemann Chart as currently published and used by the U.S. Bureau of Mines is prohibited at all times. Dust and other types of air pollution borne by the wind from such sources as storage areas and roads shall be minimized by appropriate landscaping, paving, oiling or other acceptable means. Emission of particulate matter shall comply with the standards and regulations of the Washington State Air Pollution and Puget Sound Air Pollution Agencies. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.070 Smoke emission rates.

The rate of emission of particulate matter from all sources on any property shall not exceed a net weight of one pound per acre of property during any one hour. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.080 Solid and liquid waste.

Liquid and solid wastes, storage of animal or vegetable waste which attracts insects and rodents or otherwise creates a health hazard is prohibited. No waste products shall be exposed to view from eye level from any property line and must be stored in closed containers. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).

19.22.090 Open storage.

A. All storage if closer than 20 feet to the street right-of-way line shall be enclosed with a heavy wire fence or of a similar type, with the top of the fence not less than six feet above the adjoining street level or by an attractive hedge or board fence at least six feet high.

B. In case of the open storage of lumber, coal or other combustible material a roadway shall be provided, graded, surfaced and maintained from the street to the rear of the property to permit free access to fire trucks at any time. (Ord. 1960 § 3, 1998).