Chapter 2.112


2.112.010    Museum established.

2.112.020    Established—Purpose.

2.112.030    Composition—Powers—Terms.

2.112.040    Duties and responsibilities.

2.112.050    Gifts and loans of personal property.

2.112.010 Museum established.

The city is authorized to establish and operate its own museum. The museum will be entitled The Everett Museum. (Ord. 1870-92 § 1, 1992)

2.112.020 Established—Purpose.

An advisory board is formed entitled the museum board. The board shall be advisory to the mayor and city council. The purpose of the board shall be to make recommendations concerning the operations of the museum including providing exhibitions, presentation of artifacts, an archive for research purposes, an interpretation of regional history with an emphasis on Everett and such other matters identified by the mayor and council. (Ord. 1870-92 § 2, 1992)

2.112.030 Composition—Powers—Terms.

The museum board shall consist of not less than seven members. The members shall be appointed and removed by the mayor with the approval of city council. Additionally, individuals may be appointed by the mayor with the approval of council to serve in the capacity of alternates. Alternates shall serve in the absence of members when so asked by the board chairperson and when serving shall have the same powers and responsibilities as duly appointed boardmembers. The terms of the members and alternates shall be in accordance with Section 5.2 of the City Charter. The current members of the museum advisory board shall remain in office as the museum board for the balance of their existing terms subject to the provisions of this chapter and Article V of the City Charter. (Ord. 1870-92 § 3, 1992)

2.112.040 Duties and responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the museum board shall include all responsibilities necessary to carry out the purpose of the board as set forth in Section 2.112.020 of this chapter, which duties shall include, but not limited to:

A.    Review and recommend short and long range planning for the museum;

B.    Review and recommend development of programs and services for the museum;

C.    Make recommendations concerning the general operation of the museum including policies and procedures; and

D.    Perform such additional duties as identified by the mayor and council. (Ord. 1870-92 § 4, 1992)

2.112.050 Gifts and loans of personal property.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 2.105 of this code, the museum director or his/her designee is authorized to accept or reject gifts and loans of personal property for museum purposes only on behalf of the city in accordance with the museum’s adopted gift and loan policy. Further, the museum director or his/her designee is authorized to accept donations to be placed in trust for museum purposes only on behalf of the city until such time as a foundation or other appropriate entity is established to accept such donations. (Ord. 1870-92 § 5, 1992)