Title 10


I. General Provisions

10.02    Definitions

10.04    General Provisions

10.06    Criminal Liability

10.08    Justification

10.10    Inchoate Crimes

10.11    Court-Monitored Deferrals

II. Offenses Against Public Officers and Government

10.12    Obstructing Governmental Operation and Related Offenses

10.13    Violation of Court Orders

10.14    Fraud

III. Offenses Against the Person

10.16    Assault and Related Offenses

10.17    Unlawful Discharge of Lasers

10.18    Telephone Harassment and Cyberstalking

10.19    Criminal Mistreatment

10.20    Creating a Hazard

10.21    Foreign Protection Orders

10.22    Domestic Violence Orders

10.23    Harassment

IV. Offenses Against Public Decency

10.24    Lewd Conduct and Related Offenses

10.32    Minor-Related Sex Offenses

10.35    Drug Paraphernalia and Marijuana

10.36    Legend Drugs

10.37    Loitering for the Purpose of Engaging in Drug-Related Activity

10.38    Protection Against Drug Trafficking

10.39    Precursor Drugs

10.40    Inhalation of Toxic Fumes

10.42    Liquor Offenses

10.43    Regulating the Sale and Use of Malt Liquor

V. Offenses Against Public Peace

10.46    Riot

10.48    Disorderly Conduct

10.49    Unlawful Transit Conduct

10.50    Failure to Disperse

10.52    Disorderly House

10.54    Emergency Telephone Call Misconduct

VI. Offenses Against Property

10.56    Theft and Related Offenses

10.60    Defrauding a Public Utility

10.62    Graffiti

10.64    Obscuring Identity of Machine

10.66    Criminal Mischief and Related Offenses

10.68    Trespass and Related Offenses

10.70    Offensive Littering

10.72    Library Materials

10.73    Off-Highway Vehicles

VII. Consumer Protection (Reserved)

VIII. Offenses by or Against Minors

10.74    Offenses by and Against Minors

IX. Weapons

10.78    Carrying and Discharging Weapons