Chapter 13.64


13.64.010    Permit—Application and fee.

13.64.020    Consent of adjoining landowner.

13.64.010 Permit—Application and fee.

Any person, firm or corporation holding a license duly issued by the city for the operation of a vehicle for hire within the city may be permitted by the city council to maintain and operate a stand within the parking meter zone of the city, as established by ordinances of the city. Any person, firm or corporation duly licensed to operate a vehicle for hire within the city desiring to operate and establish a stand within said parking meter zone shall make application for such permit to the city engineer.

The annual fee for such stand shall be one hundred dollars per year for each parking meter occupied by such stand. Such fee shall be in lieu of any additional fee for using parking meter space. All licenses issued under provisions in this chapter shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year. (Ord. 321-74 § 1, 1974)

13.64.020 Consent of adjoining landowner.

No vehicle for hire stand shall be licensed in front of any property whether it is vacant, a place of business or residential property unless the applicant for such license files written consent to the establishment and maintenance of the vehicle for hire stand with the city council. (Ord. 321-74 § 2, 1974)