Title 16


16.005    General Administration of Building Codes

16.01    Amendments to the International Building Code and International Residential Code

16.02    Amendments to the International Mechanical Code and International Fuel Gas Code

16.03    Amendments to the International Fire Code

16.04    Amendments to the Uniform Plumbing Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code Standards

16.05    Amendments to the National Electric Code

16.06    Regulations for Accessibility to Handicapped

16.08    Repealed

16.09    Amendments to the International Property Maintenance Code

16.10    Amendments to the Washington State Energy Code

16.11    Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Code

16.12    Repealed

16.13    Sustainable Building and Infrastructure Policy

16.16    Maintenance of Vacant Commercial Space in the Central Business District

16.20    Billboards

16.46    Repealed

16.48    Self-Service Gas Stations

16.52    Repealed

16.56    Fences

16.58    Repealed

16.60    Fireworks

16.64    Board of Review

16.68    Moving Buildings

16.72    Fee Schedule for Land Use Applications, Permits, Review Processes, and Related Services

16.76    Automatic Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems