Chapter 16.68


16.68.010    License and permit required.

16.68.020    General provisions.

16.68.030    Requirements for building relocation permit.

16.68.040    Conflict of provisions.

16.68.050    Violation—Penalty.

16.68.010 License and permit required.

No person or persons, firm or corporation shall move any part of a building along or across any street, alley or other public property within the city without first obtaining a valid house mover’s license as set forth in Chapter 13.60 and a permit to move on city streets from the building official. (Ord. 422-76 § 1, 1976)

16.68.020 General provisions.

All buildings to be moved for which a permit has been issued shall comply with the following general provisions in addition to all other requirements of this chapter:

A.    After a building or any part thereof is extended over, into, or is upon any part of any street, alley or highway by virtue of the moving thereof, the person, firm or corporation licensed under Section 16.68.010 shall be solely responsible for the moving of such building until same reaches its destination or is moved from any and all streets, alleys, or public property. Except as authorized by the building official, it is unlawful for any mover to leave standing or abandon the moving of a building while the same or any part thereof is in or upon any part of any street, alley or highway.

B.    After a house moving permit has been issued and a building or any part thereof has been removed from the original site, it is unlawful for any such mover to leave standing or abandon the moving of such building on any property other than for which a construction permit has been issued.

C.    Any person, firm or corporation moving a building under this chapter shall furnish an escort as may be required by the chief of police and shall bear all costs thereof.

D.    All buildings moved into a fire zone more restrictive than its original location shall be made to comply with the requirements of the more restrictive fire zone.

E.    Upon completion of the moving of any such building the owner shall proceed within ten days to bring the building into compliance with the approved plans and all requirements of the zoning ordinance, fire code, building code, mechanical code, plumbing code, and electrical code as adopted by the city council, and all such work shall be completed within one hundred twenty days from the issuance of the building relocation permit. Such permit may be renewed as set forth in the building code. In case the work is not completed within the allotted time herein specified, the building official may order any such building demolished, removed, or completed as set forth in Section 16.68.030F. The owner of any such building shall secure all necessary permits for required work prior to commencement of removal from its original site. (Ord. 422-76 § 2, 1976)

16.68.030 Requirements for building relocation permit.

Any person, persons, firm, or corporation who proposes to relocate an existing building on any building site within the city shall first obtain all necessary building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, water service, sewer and shoreline use permits from the building official. Applicants shall comply with the following:

A.    The owner shall file at the time of application sufficient plans indicating the building will comply with all the current building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire codes as adopted by the city council. The plans shall contain at least the following information:

1.    A detail plot plan drawn at a scale of not less than 1" = 20'0" showing the location of the house on the proposed new site, distance to side yards, off-street parking in compliance to Title 19, all other buildings on said site, north direction indicator, scale, address (if known), and legal property description;

2.    A dimensioned foundation plan drawn at a scale of not less than 1/4” = 1'0" showing locations and size of footings and foundation walls, size and spacing direction of floor joists, girders, etc.;

3.    A floor plan drawn at a scale of not less than 1/4” = 1'0" showing location of all partitions, plumbing fixtures, doors, size, the size and location of windows, water heater, and heating unit;

4.    A structural cross section showing the size and spacing of all trusses, rafters, joists, and other structural members, roof sheathing, subfloor, and wall and partition construction;

5.    Any other information as deemed necessary by the building official.

B.    The owner shall request an on-site inspection by the building official for which a fee of fifty dollars shall be charged, if the said building is within the city limits. If the building is outside the corporate limits of the city, the fee shall be fifty dollars plus two dollars per mile from the corporate limits of the city. There shall be no additional inspection fee required for inspections of damage caused by the moving of any building. A request for an inspection shall be made on forms furnished by the building official. Upon such application, and payment of the fee herein provided, the building official shall notify the applicant of the date and time of the inspection. The inspection shall be made at the original location of the building prior to its removal therefrom.

C.    After any such building is relocated on a new site an additional inspection shall be made of the floor framing members while the building is supported by the temporary cribbing and before it is set on a foundation. All corrections required as a result of this inspection shall be made and approved prior to setting the building on the foundation.

D.    For structures originally located within the city and prior to issuance of a building relocation permit, applicable side sewer capping permits shall be obtained and the house side sewer shall be disconnected and capped at the property line; also, water, gas and electrical services are to be discontinued and each utility notified by the owner and mover.

E.    The owner shall be required to remove any construction and all or any portion of the exterior or interior walls and ceiling covering as directed by the building official or his designated assistant, so as to inspect any of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or structural systems of any such building. The building official shall notify the applicant of the results of the inspection and if any discrepancies are found, furnish the applicant a detailed list of items to be corrected.

F.    The owner shall file with the building official, at the time application is made, proof of ownership of the building and a bona fide surety bond or cash security in an amount determined by the building official, but not less than two thousand dollars. The applicant shall complete the building within one hundred twenty days after the issuance of a construction permit, in full compliance with the approved plans and specifications.

The site from which said building has been moved, if within the city limits, will be cleared of all debris, concrete, foundation, etc., and left in a condition acceptable to the building official.

In event the work is not completed as herein stipulated, the owner shall forfeit the bond and the building official shall use any such bond to either complete the work or have the building demolished or removed from the city. (Ord. 422-76 § 3, 1976)

16.68.040 Conflict of provisions.

Where any provision of this chapter conflicts with any other provision of the city building code, the more restrictive provision shall apply. (Ord. 422-76 § 5, 1976)

16.68.050 Violation—Penalty.

Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and each such person, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred fifty dollars. Every such person, firm, or corporation shall be deemed guilty of a separate offense for each and every day or portion thereof during which any violation of any portion of any of the provisions of this chapter is committed, continued, or permitted. Violations of this chapter by any licensed person, firm, or corporation in the house moving business shall be sufficient grounds for denial or revocation of any such license. (Ord. 422-76 § 4, 1976)