Chapter 16.72


16.72.010    Establishment of fees—Fee schedule.

16.72.020    Annual adjustment of fee schedule.

16.72.030    Concurrent applications.

16.72.040    Waiver of fees for low income housing.

16.72.050    Additional costs for SEPA review.

16.72.060    Cost recovery option.

16.72.070    Enhanced fees.

16.72.010 Establishment of fees—Fee schedule.

The following schedule of fees shall apply for the processing of land use applications, permits, review processes and related services for the department of planning and community development:

A. Type of Action or Application


1. Review Process I actions not otherwise listed herein


(Except determination of complete or incomplete application which has no fee)

2. Review Process II actions not otherwise listed herein


3. Review Process III actions not otherwise listed herein


B. Type of Action or Application


1. Additional public notification required by error or action caused by applicant:





Posting of property


2. Appeals of administrative decisions:


Staff or director code interpretation


All other appeals


3. Amendment to land use permit or approved site plan

Same as original permit fee

4. Billboard

$2,000 plus SEPA

5. Boundary line adjustment


6. Building/sign permits—review of plans

10% of building permit fee

7. Comprehensive plan amendment, text only

Cost recovery

8. Comprehensive plan amendment, map

$5,000 plus rezone fees

9. Comprehensive design sign permit


10. Design review for any zone or geographic area with design standards in the zoning code:

Size of project:


Less than 10,000 square feet


10,000 to 25,000 square feet


25,000 to 50,000 square feet


50,000 to 100,000 square feet


Greater than 100,000 square feet


Design modification, no notification required

Add 25% to above fees

Design modification, public notification required

Add 25% plus $300

11. Floodplain development permit


12. Lot certification


13. Nonconforming building certification


14. Pre-application meeting


C. Type of Action or Application


1. Rezone:


Up to one acre


Over one acre

$2,000 plus $250 per acre

2. SEPA exemption certification


3. SEPA review—environmental checklist:


Less than one acre, 10,000 sq. ft. or 10 lots


1 to 5 acres, 10,000—25,000 sq. ft., 10-25 lots


5 to 10 acres, 25,000-50,000 sq. ft., 26-50 lots


10 to 20 acres, 50,000-100,000 sq. ft., 51-100 lots


Over 20 acres, over 100,000 sq. ft., over 100 lots


Nonproject action


SEPA addendum to DNS or MDNS

Same as above

4. SEPA review—planned action:


Less than one acre or 10,000 square feet


One acre or greater; 10,000 square feet or greater


5. SEPA review—environmental impact statement or addendum to EIS

Cost recovery

6. Shoreline substantial development permit:


Less than one acre


1 to 5 acres


Over 5 acres

$5,000 plus $1,000 for every $1 million project value

7. Shoreline permit exemption letter


8. Shoreline permit revision


9. Shoreline conditional use permit

$1,000 plus shoreline permit fee

10. Shoreline variance

$1,000 plus shoreline permit fee

11. Special property use permit:


Review Process I


Review Process II


Review Process III


Review Process V


D. Type of Action or Application


1. Special studies required for any land use process


2. Subdivisions, short subdivisions, binding site plans:


Preliminary approval

$5,000 plus $100 per lot

Final plat approval

$1,000 plus $50 per lot

Variance, alteration or vacation


Variance, administrative


3. Time extension for all land use permits


4. Unlisted use determination


5. Unspecified land use permits not listed herein

To be determined by director

6. Variance:


Single-family residential zone or use


All other variances


7. Zoning certification letter


8. Zoning code text amendment:


Letter requesting initiation


Fee if commission or council agree to consider


9. Multifamily tax exemption application, city processing fee

$1,000 base fee, plus $50 per residential unit

10. Multifamily tax exemption application, county assessor processing fee


11. Multifamily tax exemption, extension of conditional certificate


(Ord. 3635-18 § 3, 2018; Ord. 3390-14 § 1, 2014)

16.72.020 Annual adjustment of fee schedule.

Beginning January 1, 2016, and each January 1st thereafter, the fee schedule shall be adjusted by the director of planning and community development in accordance with the most recent change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or other official measurement of inflation used by the city, as follows:

A.    If the change in the CPI or other official measurement of inflation used by the city indicates an increase of less than one percent since the last adjustment of the fees listed herein, there shall be no increase for that year.

B.    At such time that the change in the CPI or other official measurement of inflation used by the city for one or more years indicates an increase of one percent or more since the last adjustment of the fees, the fees in Section 16.72.010 shall increase by the cumulative percentage increase since the last adjustment of fees. (Ord. 3390-14 § 2, 2014)

16.72.030 Concurrent applications.

Concurrent applications requiring fees listed in Section 16.72.010 shall be subject to each fee cumulatively. There shall be no reduction in fees where more than one type of fee is charged for a project. For example, a rezone application will also be charged a fee for SEPA review. (Ord. 3390-14 § 3, 2014)

16.72.040 Waiver of fees for low income housing.

Fees may be waived by the planning director for projects involving the construction of low income housing. A covenant shall be recorded on the property that runs with the title to the land committing the owner and all future owners, heirs or assigns to maintaining the same number of low income housing units for a minimum of thirty years from the date of approval, or if converted to housing not for low income households, the applicable permit fees at the time of conversion shall be paid to the city. (Ord. 3390-14 § 4, 2014)

16.72.050 Additional costs for SEPA review.

For SEPA reviews which require additional staff needs, unusual or expedited review, or special technical expertise by the city as determined by the director of planning and community development, the applicant will pay, in addition to the fees in Section 16.72.010, all additional costs associated with the processing of a SEPA review which exceed those normally associated with the processing of a SEPA review, which costs include, but are not limited to, additional staff time, materials, and consultants’ fees. (Ord. 3390-14 § 5, 2014)

16.72.060 Cost recovery option.

Where the fee listed in Section 16.72.010 is “Cost recovery,” the city will charge the applicant for all costs incurred to process the application or action. For land use applications or actions with a fee greater than one thousand dollars, an applicant may request, and the city shall have the discretion to agree, that a cost recovery method be used as an alternative to the fee stated herein. If the city agrees to use the cost recovery method, the applicant will be responsible for all costs associated with the application or action, including administrative costs of tracking the city’s expenses. The director of planning and community development is authorized to establish procedures for administering the cost recovery option. (Ord. 3390-14 § 6, 2014)

16.72.070 Enhanced fees.

Fees listed in Section 16.72.010 shall be doubled for failure to apply for and obtain the permits listed in Section 16.72.010 prior to commencing construction or any land use development activity for which fees are required.

A.    This requirement applies to land use permit applications for any action proposed to correct a violation under an enforcement order from the violations hearing examiner or which has been scheduled for a violations hearing before the violations hearing examiner.

B.    This requirement shall not apply to any application proposed to correct active land use enforcement actions by the code enforcement division for which a hearing before the violations hearing examiner has not yet been scheduled, provided the applicant is diligently pursuing compliance with the applicable land use regulations.

C.    The director of planning and community development shall have the discretion to terminate any application for which the director determines that the applicant is using the application process primarily to delay enforcement. (Ord. 3390-14 § 7, 2014)