Title 19


19.01    Title and Purpose

19.02    Legal Effect and Applicability

19.03    User Guide

19.04    Zoning Code Definitions

19.05    Use Tables

19.06    Development Standards Table

19.07    Small Lots, Duplexes, Accessory Buildings

19.08    Reserved

19.09    Reserved

19.10    Reserved

19.11    Reserved

19.12    Reserved

19.13    Reserved

19.14    Reserved

19.15    Multiple-Family Development Standards

19.15A    Unit Lot Subdivisions

19.16    Clinic and Office Overlay Zones

19.17    Airport Compatibility

19.18    Reserved

19.19    Metro Everett Uses

19.20    Metro Everett and Core Residential Area Development Standards

19.21    Reserved

19.22    Repealed

19.23    Zone W-C Regulations

19.24    Zone M-S Regulations

19.25    Repealed

19.26    Zone M-2 Regulations

19.27    Zone M-1 Regulations

19.28    Zone M-M Regulations

19.29    Planned Development Overlay Zone

19.30    Floodplain Overlay Districts and Regulations

19.30A    Watershed Resource Management Zone

19.31    Design Overlay Zone

19.31A    Broadway Mixed-Use Zone

19.31B    E-1 (Evergreen Way) and MUO (Mixed-Use Overlay) Zones

19.32    Planned Residential Development Overlay Zone

19.33    Historic Overlay Zone

19.33A    Public Park Zone

19.33B    Institutional Overlay Zone

19.33D    Repealed

19.33E    Aquatic Zone

19.33F    Open Space Zone

19.33G    Repealed

19.33H    Mobilehome Park Overlay Zone

19.34    Parking, Loading and Access Requirements

19.35    Landscaping and Screening Requirements

19.36    Signs

19.37    Critical Areas

19.38    Nonconforming Structures, Uses and Lots

19.39    General Provisions

19.40    Assurance Devices

19.41    Administration

19.43    Validity

19.45    Annual Report


Editor’s note: Each section number in this title designates, in sequence, the numbers of the chapter and section. Thus, Section 7.010 is Section .010, located in Chapter 7 of this title. In most instances, sections are numbered by tens (.010, .020, .030, etc.), leaving nine vacant positions between original sections to accommodate future provisions.