Chapter 19.33A


19.33A.010    Repealed.

19.33A.020    Map amended.

19.33A.030    Permitted uses.

19.33A.040    Development standards.

19.33A.050    Other review processes.

19.33A.010 Purpose.

Repealed by Ord. 2706-03. (Ord. 2170-96 § 2 (part), 1996.)

19.33A.020 Map amended.

Land zoned “public park” shall be designated on the zoning map with the symbol “P.” (Ord. 2170-96 § 2 (part), 1996.)

19.33A.030 Permitted uses.

A.    Public park development uses include any park and recreational activity, including active and passive outdoor recreational activities, trails, open space, cultural activities, park buildings and structures, concessionaires, general park operations and maintenance activities, ranger’s or caretaker’s quarters, other compatible public uses and structures, and uses customarily incidental thereto, and are permitted in accordance with the provisions of Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures.

B.    Transportation facilities of statewide significance through a review process II land use decision, except that a review process I land use decision is required for projects that are categorically exempt under SEPA and a review process III land use decision is required for projects in shoreline jurisdiction with a project area greater than one acre. (Ord. 2706-03 § 14, 2003: Ord. 2538-01 § 30, 2001: Ord. 2170-96 § 2 (part), 1996.)

19.33A.040 Development standards.

Park development land uses shall comply with the development standards of Chapter 19.37, where applicable. Additional development standards for park uses shall be determined on a case-by-case basis by the parks department and approved by the park commission through the review processes described herein. (Ord. 2170-96 § 2 (part), 1996.)

19.33A.050 Other review processes.

Park development on property not zoned “public park” shall be subject to the review process and development standards of the use zone in which the property is located. (Ord. 2170-96 § 2 (part), 1996.)