Chapter 19.33E


19.33E.010    Aquatic zone—Map amended.

19.33E.020    Permitted uses and review processes.

19.33E.030    Development standards.

19.33E.010 Aquatic zone—Map amended.

Areas zoned “aquatic” shall be designated on the zoning map with the symbol “AQ.” (Ord. 2706-03 § 15 (part), 2003.)

19.33E.020 Permitted uses and review processes.

For aquatic areas subject to the shoreline master program, permitted uses shall be consistent with Chapter 19.33D, the shoreline master program regulations. When applicable, all uses must be consistent with the uses allowed in Sections 19.33D.360 through 19.33D.590, Chapter 19.33D, Shoreline Overlay District, and Chapter 19.37, Critical Areas. Permitted uses shall include transportation facilities of statewide significance through review process II, except that a review process III land use decision is required for projects in shoreline jurisdiction with a project area greater than an acre. Review processes shall be consistent with Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures. (Ord. 2706-03 § 15 (part), 2003.)

19.33E.030 Development standards.

A.    General. Unless greater setbacks are established under Chapter 19.33D, Shoreline Overlay District, setbacks shall be the same as in the adjacent landward zone. Height limits shall be determined by the planning director based upon analysis of impacts to environmental resources and views.

B.    Signs. Signs for water-dependent uses shall comply with the sign category of the landward adjacent zone and Chapter 19.33D, Shoreline Overlay District. Standards for educational and interpretive signs shall be determined through the shoreline substantial development or conditional use permit process. (Ord. 2706-03 § 15 (part), 2003.)